The Amazing World of Harry Potter Fan Fiction

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Press Commentary
Title: The Amazing World of Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Commentator: Heidi Tandy
Date(s): 2004
Venue: Movie Magic
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: Screencaps and transcript
The Amazing World of Harry Potter Fan Fiction.jpg
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The Amazing World of Harry Potter Fan Fiction is an article that was published in a Harry Potter-themed special issue of Movie Magic. It gives an introduction to Harry Potter fanfiction with links and summaries of a handful of selected stories.

This overview of Harry Potter fan fiction was provided by Heidi Tandy, a founding administrator of FictionAlley, the largest fanfic site in the world of Harry Potter fandom ( FictionAlley also hosts message boards, writing discussions and links to thousands of pieces of fanart.

The following fics were given as "excellent introductions to Harry Potter fanfic":

Other stories mentioned in the text of the article include:


Some people were upset about the article and there were rumors, speculation and misinformation.[1] Some people were afraid of drawing the attention of TPTB and that Rowling's lawyers would send out C&D letters to shut down websites.[2] Rumor had it that the article was written for a teen magazine, that it included links to NC-17 fanfic and that it linked to stories on LiveJournal without asking the authors first.[1] However, there were no links to explicit fanfiction, all the authors on LJ were asked first, authors on public archives were googleable to begin with, and "JKR's people have never, and will never, do anything against fanfics or archives that are not NC17 rated, and only then, if the sites don't have password or lock-screeners to dissuade people under 18 from reading them."[3]


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