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Star Trek Convention
Name: IDICon
Dates: 1984-1986, 1988,
Frequency: yearly
Location: Houston, TX (USA)
Type: fan con
Focus: slash, Kirk/Spock (TOS),Star Trek: The Original Series
Founder: W.H.I.P.S., ("sponsored by Tex-Zines, Obsession, Unrepressed Press, Atavachron Press and Only Trek" -- an ad in Not Tonight, Spock! #1)
Founding Date: 1984
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"“Remember IDICon and twenty-six women in a hot tub?" [1]

IDICon was the first convention created specifically and purposefully as a slash con. It was founded by members of W.H.I.P.S., and located in Houston, TX, where it grew out of local house parties. This con was begun, in part, due to the restrictions imposed at Shore Leave (and other cons) on adult/explicit art and zines. See: Banned from Tulsa.

The first year's con had about 70-80 attendees, with attendance growing to 130-140 in subsequent years. Con programming included panels, vid viewing and duping, convention skits, and filking. The IDICon Song Book was published to assist filking at IDICon. The con was also very important to attendees as a place to obtain zines, which were the main medium of fic exchange.[2] At least 4 conventions were organized under the name.

The con sponsored merit awards, which were called the K/Star Awards.

This con was succeeded by Koon-ut-Cali-Con. [3]

See Fanlore Live/J notes.

On the Origins

In Legacy, some fans recorded a series of memories about the convention:
IDICon was hosted by K/S fans from Texas, and boy, did they know how to throw a hoedown. A great hotel, K/S panels, a trip to see strippers, art work you didn’t have to hide from meddlesome eyes, and a stage performance that stopped the show. We were all in the thrall of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, and emotional. Of course, two six-foot-tall dancing penises (pink and green respectively) made the audience run for Depends. IDICon being one of the first totally K/S conventions, it remains a favorite memory to this day. I remember there were at least three 3 IDICons and a possible fourth. The third IDICon was memorable as it offered the K/Star Awards, which was a reflection of our irritation at Shore Leave (a very large fan-run Star Trek convention in Maryland) not allowing “explicit male art,” when artwork displaying female breasts was definitely allowed. Ah, well, at any rate, each and every IDICon was a K/Ser’s wet dream. [4]
Kathy Resch remembers:
...they created [a] little room out of bedsheets in the art show….You had to go inside this bedsheet room to see the adult artwork. [5]
Also from Kathy Resch:
And there was the first slash convention, IDICon, in Houston in the 80s. I'll never forget the time a hotel employee came in during the art show to do something with the air conditioning. The auctioneer flung her body in front o f the explicit art being auctioned, and "filibustered" until the guy left. Then there were the pink and green penis-shaped piiiatas (ouch!), the "dancing cocks", the creatively- named alcoholic beverages. I still don't know what was in the drink called "green Vulcan cum", but it sure was good! [6]

Marnie S. and Kandy Fong also point to events at Shore Leave where the prescence of young children at the convention led to the convention organizers "masking in the art show, to try to sequester and cover the naughty bits. [7]

Shortly thereafter Pam Rose and Lezlie attended Tulsa, a Star Trek convention in Tulsa. They brought some of their K/S zines and had to hide them under the table whenever security walked through the Dealer’s Room. It was then that they decided they needed a convention of their own. [8]

You Mean There Will Be Women? Doing What? (The Gender Gap)

IDICon logo for the second convention combining the IDIC symbol with the great state of Texas

One of the issues the convention organizers faced was explaining to the hotel that, as a women run convention catering exclusively to women, there needed to be additional security, more restaurant staff and non-smoking rooms. Marnie S explains: "They were used to things like oil company conventions and electronic shows. And they figured the men go to their conventions during the day and they take their rental cars and go out on the town at night. They’re not there. And we kept on saying, no, the women will stay in the hotel."

The disconnect between hotel staff and the convention continued after the convention began: "... the hotel staff just did not know what to make of us. At all. We’re trying to put on the entertainment and we look at the back of the room and there’s half the staff watching. There had been raids on the Chippendales type of clubs, so there was a very strong worry that we could be raided. The Houston police were notorious at the time. They were very straitlaced." [9]

Jade Pagodas, Piñatas, and Dancing Penises

The convention was also a place to celebrate and embrace all aspects of the Kirk/Spock relationship which led to multiple forms of artistic expression.

For example, at the first IDICon, Marnie S. created napkin rings that showcased the various shapes and sizes of Spock's penis: "... the Kraith, the tendrils, the spike, the pagodas, the whole nine yards." Later, she designed penis shaped piñatas that were auctioned off. Finally, Kandy Fong and her friends staged a dance skit to show their appreciation for the IDICon organizers: the Dancing Penises. As Kandy Fong explains: "None of us were very good singers, and heaven forbid, we couldn’t dance, so we sat around drinking this bottle of really bad wine, and I said, why don’t we reduce it to the basic elements, just two penises, right?" [10]

Interesting Footnotes

IDICon 4 was the first slash convention to attract the attention of academic scholars Constance Penley and Henry Jenkins. [11]

A Fan Who Was There "By Accident"

In 1987, a fan wrote about ending up at IDICon without full consent of it's focus:
I didn't even realize I was going to a con. A friend, you know, now that I think about it, it was Bev Lorenstein who invited me. Anyway, we had been corresponding about a Star Wars zine she was doing, and she told me she was meeting some friends who were into SW in Houston, and could I come too. I had never been to a media con before, and had never even heard of "/", so you can imagine my surprise when I walked into the the hallway where registration was going on and saw that "thing", or rather, "those things" hanging over the signup table. [12]

A Review of The Convention Tape 5 Years Later

In 1994, Sandy Herrold posted a review of the 1988 IDICon convention tape to the Virgule-L mailing list. Convention tapes, unlike songvid tapes contained more than just the vid show - fans also recorded the convention skit and plays and other fannish entertainment. The review is reposted here with permission:
After watching the Revelcon songtape, we found a con tape from Idicon '88 - -not a songtape, but a contape, something slashcons no longer do. There was a beautiful play (probably by our own Lezlie),[13] memorializing the beginning of Micheal Praed/Robert Plant fandom...! among other travesties. Famous quotes "I write with a view, and mine is 'let them screw.'" and later, "IDIC sure covers a lot of territory." "But these stories aren't even well written." "People are going through fandoms like toliet paper..." Still in the play, someone asks Pam Rose (more or less playing herself) why she's been into so many different shows ..."It's not my fault I keep changing fandoms; it's my name: Pam doesn't stick to anything." Also a beautiful sales pitch for the "Search and Destroy Word Processor" that allows changing your story to fit other fandoms, 'and for you Beauty and the Beast fans, there's even a pronoun switcher.


IDICon 1 was held in 1984.


IDICon 2 was held on April 19-21, 1985 in Houston, Texas. It was subtitled "Sloppy Seconds."

flyer for the second IDICon in 1985, click to read (from the letterzine Between Friends #3

From an ad in Datazine #32: "We're gonna do it again... Once again, it will be a ADULTS ONLY convention because / fandoms will be out of the closet (zines too!)."


IDICon 3 was held on April 11-13, 1986, in Houston, Texas. It was subtitled "Conage A Trois, or "Who Came First?"

cover of the third con's program book

From an ad in Not Tonight Spock! #11 "A personal fan convention, it stresses Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. ST & media fans welcome. Membership by preregistration, adults only, limited to 250."

About the con skit: "There's no escaping it! Yes, they've taken the beloved musical (Ok, the almost well known musical) 1776 and turned it into a lurid, fand-infested, smutty travesty of the original. See the musical that opened on Broadway (so, it was the corner of Broadway and 4th St. here it Houston). It was a blockbuster."

The con committee was Cynthia L, Beth A, Kathy N, Marnie S, Astra T, Terry M, Candace P, Paula S, Barb L, Lezlie S, and Polly B.

a notice about photocopying

One notice from the convention program book: "Copies! Copies! Copies! Enough about unimportant things like where to find lifesaving drugs. It's time to talk about the necessities of life. Of course, I'm talking about where to copy those all those stories that will hopefully be floating around the convention. In the under ground ALPHAGRAPHICS is the only choice. They are normally closed on Saturdays, but they will open especially for us from around Noon till two. They charge 10 cents per, but you can take home your very own copy and not wait for lazy, shiftless friends to mail them to you. If you have, a car, there is a KINKO's just down the freeway."


IDICon 4 was held on October 28-30, 1988 in Houston, Texas. It was subtitled: "The Forbidden Fruits."

flyer for IDICon #4, click to read


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