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Name: RevelCon
Dates: 1990 - present
Frequency: yearly
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Type: fan-run relaxacon
Focus: Media Fandom
Founder: Candace Pulleine
Founding Date:
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RevelCon is a fan-run convention in the form of a gen and slash friendly relaxacon held yearly in Houston. It has a program with panels, an art show, a vidshow, a video room and a dealers' room for fanzines, fanart and other merchandise. It averages around 100 attendees.

The convention was founded by Candace Pulleine who served as convention chair until 2001.[1] According to one fan:
Candace deliberately created REVELcon, held each year in Houston, Texas, to be both gen and slash friendly -- she wanted all fans to feel welcome there, and they were. She ran the convention herself [backing it with her own money], with a team of friends helping her, for 12 years. Then she passed the con on to others. Still, she came each year and was dubbed Mother Goddess of REVELcon! She has been the heart of the convention for 23 years -- and surely she will be, albeit in absentia, for many years to come [2]

Reviews and Websites

In 1991, a fan describes this con:
...You might also want to consider REVELcon. It's a small (200-300 attendees) multi-media adult con held in Houston. Candy Pulleine, who's practically a one woman concomm, is also the founder of Pros fandom in Houston and many local Pros fans attend, so the con has a strong Pros bent. The backbone of the con's zine reading room is the bulk of Candy's Pros collection, along with her other zines. This year s probably will, too. There was also a "Jeopardy" game based on the Professionals and its actors, and a couple of British tv-show panels. [3]

Reviews dating back to the first Revelcon in 1990 can be found here and here.

Sample Program Guide

A sample program guide from 2009 has been uploaded to illustrate the types of programming. It is here as a PDF file.

RevelCon 1 (1990)

  • Ann Larimer designed the t-shirt, shown on a flyer
  • panels, one of which was "How to Draw Good and Get Free Zines"
  • "Fanzines, Art Show, Dealers, More Fanzines (over 700 Pros stories, ST, RoS, Who, etc, Song Video Contest, Win Lose or Draw Tournament, Buffet and Mixer..."
another flyer for the first RevelCon, this one from Herne's Stepchildren #2, note the new date, click to read
  • From one fan's convention report:
    For the first time ever, I participated in the costume contest/masquerade. This was one of those deals where you don't just show off your outfit, you do a skit, so ...a local friend of mine and I dressed up like Blake and Avon and did my "Mickey Mouse Club March" B7 filk (it appears in GATEWAY TO TIME #5, plug, plug.) "Blake's the one - no he's not! Blake's the one - no he's not! Forever let us follow him or die - DIE DIE DIE!" At the end I shot her, she fell down, I stepped over her, aimed my little toy gun at the audience and smiled. We didn't win, but it was enormous fun, and people kept telling us afterwards how much they liked it. [5]
flyer for the first RevelCon from Datazine #56, click to read

RevelCon 2 (1991)

March 15-17 From a con report in Southern Enclave[6], described as "a baby MediaWest with under 200 attendees". Fandoms represented: Star Trek in all its permutations, B7, Beauty & the Beast, War of the Worlds, mixed media, cop shows, Man from UNCLE, Professionals, Phantom of the Opera, Robin Hood, Star Wars, fantasy (dragons and unicorns) and "a very nice gentleman with all Egyptian items." The art show had art from Karen River, Leah Rosenthal, Barbara Fister-Liltz and others. The con had an unofficial mascot that was passed around, a PLAYGIRL spread of a gentleman known as "Horst the Horse."

Some Activities:

  • Friday Night Birthday Party
  • a play by "Cat Bone Theater"
  • Costume Contest
  • a charity auction with proceeds going The AIDS Foundation of Houston
  • Sunday morning buffet and art auction

Some Panels:

  • "Media Sluts--Women with No Standards"
  • "When You Care Enough to Torture the Very Best, or If We Love Them So Much, Why Do We Do What We Do to Our Guys?"
  • "What Did You Think of My Story"--how to give constructive criticism when receiving zine submissions
  • "Dueling Captains"-- the differences between Kirk and Picard

RevelCon 3 (1992)

From a fan's convention report:
...We presented her filk about the ordeals of zine writing - a natural for this crowd! - and my B7 Mickey Mouse Club March, which people complain if we don't do. The zine-writing filk is narrated by a writer, with lines for the editor, so we split it up; Elaine, who has the stronger voice, sang the writer's part, while I put in the editor's lines and sang along on the refrain. We also handed pieces of paper back and forth and mimed rewriting, scribbling suggestions, etc. We started our act, however, with a truly sick and twisted piece which I had simply entitled "The Hurt/Comfort Filk." Much to our surprise, after three (not six, Glenda!) years of performing without ever winning, we placed second! [7]

RevelCon 4 (1993)

art handout included in the Revelcon 4 registration packet

The post-con report for Revelcon 4 listed winners of various contents, thanked many volunteers by name and discussed themes for next year's event. Below are excerpts from the report:

  • The art show exhibited art from Robert Ashton, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Alan Gutierrez, Frank Liltz, Lubov Studio, Jane Mailander, Margaret McNickle, Joy Riddle, Karen River, Patricia Rose, Melody Rondeau Sherlock, Peggy Spalding and Ann Walton.
  • The charity auction raised $555 for Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos.
  • The theme for the costume contest was "Anything Goes." Winners were
    • Costume
      • First - Renaissance Lady - Laura A.
      • Second - Christine Chapel - Brad Frank
      • Third - Matriarch - Ming Wathne
    • Act
      • First - Musical Tribute to K/S - The Babes
      • Second - She-Wolf of Fandom - Erika F.
      • Third - Lowlander - Jamey Ritchey
flyer for the 1993 convention that appeared in a Bill Hupe catalog prior to zine piracy debate
    • Costume & Act
      • First - Doctor in the Museum - Laurie K. and Leah M. (tie)
      • First - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - Society of the Ivory Rose
      • Third - Ann Squared - Anne Collins Smith and Ann M.
    • Special Recognition (CHUTZPAH AWARD) - Brad Frank
    • Best of Show - Laura A.
  • Fans With Email: 11 fans listed their email addresses in the post-con report. 3 from Genie, 2 from Prodigy, 1 from Bitnet and ADL each, and 4 .edu or .com addresses
  • Two Texas fans were burglarized shortly before the convention and lost many items, among them a VCR, a microwave and a Mac Powerbook. A donation box at the orphan zine table enabled the fans to replace the microwave and the VCR and fans donated a typewriter, a clock and a burglar alarm. The fans wrote an expressive thank you letter.
rules for the Revelcon 4 duping room
  • The post-con report addressed ongoing rumor that the convention allowed zine piracy. The convention reports that "after lengthy investigation...we have found no substantiated instances. But, the concern persists...For this reason we are instating the following policies..." The report asks members to report any piracy to the concom. "Public domain items will have a cover sheet identifying the contents and informing copy places that the identified stories may be legally reported. And, while the zine reading room will continue to exist, "more than half of the zines cannot be checked out." The sole exception were the Pros circuit library stories "which will still be available for copying, as they are considered public domain."
  • The zine piracy policy stands in sharp contrast with another Revelcon tradition: the videotape duping room, where fans could reserve time to copy films, TV shows and vids from one VHS videocassette tape to another. The service was so popular that the room was offered 24 hrs a day with fans taking overnight shifts. The "Revelcon Rules For Duping Room" also admonishes attendees: "'When your time is up, you must surrender the machine immediately. This is for your benefit as well, everyone has to surrender the machine as soon as time is up."
  • A thank you to Ann Larimer for designing the convention t-shirt.
  • 52 members pre-registered for Revelcon 5 in 1994.

A story contest was also part of the activities at Revelcon 4. From the first progress report dated January 20, 1993: "The rules are the same as last year: Rule #1: The story must include the following paragraph in an recognizable form. Rule #2: The story must be between 5 and 10 pages, and "Yes, you may double space if you wish."

He did not feel the danger until it was too late. The (weapon) was already at his (her) head, placed there with the force necessary to make itself known. He (she) slowly turned his (her) eyes to see (the villain) as he eased himself forward. The only thought running through his (her) mind was 'I can't die now.' He (she) watched as a cold smile ran across the face of his (her) opponent. Death had never been one of his (her) favorite possibilities and now was no exception. There might be a chance but it was a slim one, if he (she) could Just keep the other talking long enough, maybe Just maybe one of the others would be back to stop his (her) death."
From a fan's convention report:
As Elaine and I walked onto the stage at the costume cabaret, I went right up to the microphone. "By popular demand," I said, "we are not Blake and Avon." This was greeted with applause and laughter. We were both dressed in medieval garb and I had my guitar. We had decided to freshen up our act with some major changes!

The first song we did was an original, serious song about "Yesterday's Enterprise " with words and melody by Elaine. I had worked out the guitar chords and coaxed her to sing it at the cabaret. It was very well-received. Then we did Elaine's "Zine Writer's Lament" - I couldn't act out the usual editorial byplay, but the guitar accompaniment seemed to jazz it up a bit.

There were at least a dozen acts this year. I especially enjoyed the opening group, the "Duras sisters" (a.k.a. the editors of SUPERNOVA et al.), who sang a beautiful song about Edith Keeler and a hilarious filk about Odo, all in gorgeous 3-part harmony. Laurie Keeper and Leah McGrew worked up a hilarious sketch featuring Leah as the Doctor and Laurie as the monster from Shada. Erika Frensley was a stitch as the ferocious She-Wolf of Fandom, with Jamie Ritchey dangling a fanzine like bait to coax her off-stage. A crossover sketch by Media Madness had characters from War of the Worlds, Professionals, and others colliding over a dead body - my favorite moment was when "Lovejoy" calmly appraised and pocketed the deceased's watch. As always, Glenda was a hilarious MC.

Elaine and I were impressed with the competition. So we were surprised and delighted to win third place in the combined costume-and-act category! (Leah & Laurie won first in that one.)

Afterwards, when Elaine and I were heading back to get changed, we were stopped by a total stranger in the hall, who complimented Elaine on her lovely singing voice. Elaine was walking on clouds for the rest of the night! [8]

From a mono-fan's convention report, worried about attending a slash convention where non-K/S fans would be attending. The hidden irony behind this letter is that many of the Revelcon organizers and volunteers were some of the first K/S fans (the Houston Crowd), something that many of the K/S fans of the 1990s had forgotten - or never learned:

I attended Revelcon in Houston with a group of friends in March, and thought my experiences there would be of interest to K/S people, especially in light of what [another fan] wrote last month about Escapade. Revelcon is a media convention with the eaphasis on fanzines and slash. Both last year and this year I was really worried that my exclusive interest in K/S would prevent me from enjoying the convention.

I shouldn't have worried. I found that there is a pervading affection for and knowledge of K/S in almost all the attendees; almost all of them came to their current fandoms through K/S. There was a strong K/S presence in the dealer's room, in the costume/cabaret contest, even some in the art show and video contest. (Last year, a K/S tape won first prize.) This year the K/S presence, in terms of fans who counted it their primary fandom, was considerably stronger than last year. My friends and I hosted a K/S get-acquainted party, and though I feared nobody would coae, quite a few people did. The party was a great success, and led to further contacts with other K/S fans.

Like [others], I have a terrible fear that K/S will die out just as I'm discovering it. I want to help keep it alive. But if Revelcon is any indication, I don't think I need to worry. And just look at the number of truly excellent new writers who have been published in the last year or so, people with excitement, verve, and a fresh perspective.... [9]

RevelCon 5 (1994)

It was held March 11-13, 1994.

From a K/S fan's 1994 convention report:
Here's my annual report on Revelcon, the media con that's held each March in Houston. It's billed as having an emphasis on fanzines, but there's so much slash material evident everywhere that it's always felt like a slash con to me.

I had a great time, with many congenial friends in various fandoms making the trip with me…. The art show was terrible this year, with only really outstanding art being a few K/S pictures that I hung "for display only" by Shelley Butler (her Spock reclining by the pool), by Chris Soto and Marty Siegrist, (I collect K/S art, and I like to make sure that the art show every year has a distinct K/S presence, so I usually bring a few pieces just to share with all the con-goers.), and a few that Shelley sent for the show. Those were gorgeous as always, and excited a lot of comment. I bought an explicit scene of hers that I would blush to describe (but not buy!). It's great! You can't see their faces but who cares.... I can tell who's doing what to whom.... It was the most expensive piece that went to auction, and I really had to fight to get it, dollar by dollar. There was another piece by Shelley of Kirk getting out of the pool that was... words fail me. Unfortunately, my pocketbook did too, or a deliciously wet Kirk would be in my closet hiding with all my other K/S art.

There were lots of used K/S zines at the orphan zine table, at great prices. However, there weren't any new K/S zines at any of the dealer's table, since Bill Hupe, who usually reps a bunch of people, wasn't there this year. Nevertheless, I managed to snap up quite a few zine bargains to add to my collection. The K/S box was just about empty on an hour or so after the dealer's room opened, and there was always a swarm of people there whenever new zines were added by latecomers. (I was in the swarm.)

The panels as always covered a wide range of fandoms. I attended one on writer's block, and as in previous years I discovered that once I started talking my own K/S language, everybody joined in a similar fashion. So many fans came through K/S to get to their current fandoms, it's like a common currency that we can all trade in. Everybody understands the K/S dynamics, while I frankly still can't tell Doyle from Bodie.

The video entries this year were excellent. There was only one Star Trek entry, done to a song that I think is entitled "Only a Clone Now," or something like that. It compared Classic Trek to Next Gen, to next gen's detriment. The video came in tied for first in its category.

The costume/cabaret contest Saturday night always has a very strong K/S presence. There's a group of women from Houston called the Babes who wear outrageous t-shirts (this year it was tastefully done butts, with captain's stripes as accents). They did a dance routine with laminated K/S art as their props. Then, there were the Klingons, who worked security and also did a funny routine spoofing popular commercials. ("It's a torture device and a medical tool!") I got up my courage and sang three K/S filks, one written by our own J.S. Cavalcante, and the others by me. (We're going to be singing at Shore Leave, folks, hopefully sometime before midnight.) At the risk of blowing my own horn (but actually my fandom's), I should report that I did win first place. Best of all, the songs prompted lots of conversations the next day about K/S with folks congratulating me. There were two other filk acts on Saturday; one woman sang a DS9 song, another duo sang three songs, one of which was classic trek. And then there were lots of other amusing acts as well: poetry, skits, costumes, you name it. I always enjoy the costume/cabaret contest.

I always have a good time at Revelcon, but then I don't expect a K/S con. However, I try to participate in everything to make sure that there's a K/S presence that runs through the con. I've always found interesting people to talk to about writing, K/S, or fandom in general. And it's pretty obvious from the continuing current of enthusiasm that our obsession with K/S is still shared with lots of people. [10]

RevelCon 6 (1995)

tshirt for an undated Revelcon. The tshirt art, which has no artist credit, shows characters from Star Trek:TNG, Star Trek:TOS, Quantum Leap, and aother TV shows, along with the spaceship Liberator from Blake's 7.
From a fan's convention report:
Being a gofer, I had to serve some official time, so I spent four hours Saturday afternoon in the hospitality suite. This is a job I particularly enjoy, because it's a great way to meet and chat with a lot of different people. A couple of people had asked both Ann McKannan (I call her Elaine) and me whether we were going to sing together at the costume cabaret. I think they missed us last year! Well, we hadn't planned to, but since it was suggested. . . . I used some of my free time in the hospitality suite to scribble out a ST:Voyager filk and copy it over neatly for Elaine. She was tickled and agreed to sing it with me. Soon after my con suite hours were up, it was time to line up for the cabaret. There were quite a few acts, musical and otherwise. The "Babes" did a hilarious act singing "You picked a fine time to leave me Jim Kirk"--with balloons under their matching T-shirts so they all looked pregnant! The Klingons had a cute skit about how Klingons get loans from banks. (Instead of putting up collateral, they have to prove they've made a certain number of kills.) Vivian got to show off her spiffy Zorro costume. Elaine and I appeared as "Ann Squared" and sang the new filk. We were quite unprepared for its boisterous reception--we even got the audience to sing along with the refrain! Cat Boxe Theatre provided entertainment while the judges did their thing. When the prizes were announced, Elaine and I were stunned to hear that we had tied with the Klingon skit for "Best Act!" Vivian also got an Honorable Mention for her costume.' [11]
A Starsky & Hutch fan wrote:
RevelCon 6, a multi media Con happened last weekend here in Houston. As the Con began on St Patrick's Day, most fans wore something green -like headbands sprouting big, green shamrocks. I even found several S&H zines in the Dealer's Room that I have not read: L A VESPERS 1 & 2 and 1013! To spread awareness of S&H fandom, I put out fandom flyers on their flyers table. [12]

RevelCon 7 (1996)

From a fan's convention report:
On Friday afternoon I went to Elaine McKannan's and Jackie Horgan's panel entitled: "What If? Story Writing" which talked about the use of imaginative "what if" scenarios as a basis for coming up with stories. The panelists delved into the issue of creating your own consistent universe, be it original or an alternate version of a fannish one, and engaged in this memorable exchange:
Elaine: "If a writer sets up her own universe and doesn't stick to the rules she's laid out, she won't have a large following."
Jackie: "Or, she might have a large following--all carrying weapons!"

Friday night I stayed over at Elaine's, which was a bit alarming. I slept on the single bed in her guest bedroom, which has recently undergone a startling redecoration. . . . I didn't notice it at night, when everything was dark, but when I woke up in the morning there was a Life Size Avon on the Ceiling Above My Bed! Let me tell you, that is NOT the most pleasant way to wake up in the morning, though Elaine seemed to enjoy my startled squawks!

Elaine McKannan, who also goes by "Ann," and I appeared yet again as "Ann Squared." Glenda cheerfully introduced us as an act that returns "every year, like the viruses they are!" We didn't feel bad 'cause one year we DIDN'T enter, and everybody asked us to come back and do our act again! We performed an updated version of our "Revelcon Hurt/Comfort Filk," having added new verses for popular shows like Due South, Babylon 5, and Star Trek: Voyager. We also made up a verse about REVELcon itself, as we have sometimes done in the past. This year we were inspired by the 10-to-12-year-old girls' soccer team that we saw rather frequently tromping past the convention, gazing wide-eyed at our Klingon security guards. The guards took particular pleasure in posing fiercely, occasionally frightening but usually fascinating their young audience. Hence our verse:

(Tune: Johnny, we hardly knew ye)
At REVELcon we'll have a ball, harroo, harroo
At REVELcon we'll have a ball, harroo, harroo
At REVELcon we'll have a ball,
But watch those children in the hall
Don't let the Klingons eat them ALL--
Candy, we want to thank you
(Candy Pulleine is the organizer who puts REVELcon on every year, bless her heart.) We introduced the song in character as Hans and Franz, the bodybuilders from Saturday Night Live, hefting an (empty) box marked "Fanzines - 10,000 lbs," and teased our audience for being "girly fans"--we were then shooed off the stage by Linda Sparr as "Hauptmann Dietrich." Elaine and I received a "Judges' Choice" award, which tickled us mightily. [13]

RevelCon 8 (1997)

From an ad in Media Monitor #34:

  • REVELcon 8, MARCH 14-16, 1997, Houston, Texas
  • A relaxacon for adult attendees, whose main emphasis is fanzines, fun and food. And ART, TV media and movies . If it is fannish, REVELcon has it . . . regardless of preference.
  • Fanzines galore for those who like zines as well as a laid back atmosphere for those who just came for a relaxing fannish weekend. It might be called a Babel Conference (by Star Trek fans) because of the variety of offered (gen/adult/slash, sf, fantasy, and media)

In 1997, a fan wrote a review of this convention. It can be read here.

RevelCon 9 (1998)

RevelCon 10 (1999)

In 1999, a fan wrote a review of this convention. It can be read here.

Convention Goody Bag

RevelCon 11 (2000)

RevelCon 12 (2001)

RevelCon 13 (2002)

In 2002, with Candace's blessing, Mercury took the reins. She ran the convention with her group of friends from 2002 (REVELcon 13 to 16) to 2005.

RevelCon 14 (2003)

A fan wrote a convention report that can be read here and here.[14]

RevelCon 15 (2004)


  • The Great, the Bad and the Ridiculous: Live journals: Why do people read and/or write them?
  • Daniel Wouldn't *Do* That: Character Snafus in CANON characterizations
  • Coming Out as Slash Fan: Just exactly when is the right time to tell your mom, boss, or new boyfriend? (Obviously a Slash friendly panel)
  • Characters of Color in SF: Who are they and why aren't there more?
  • So You Wanna Write Fan Fic: A 'How To' Panel for New Writers
  • New *Old* Fandoms (or Can You Say Rat Patrol)" New fans discover old fic (a slash friendly panel)
  • Legalities Tackled and Latitude Taken: Legal dealings for your fan fic
  • Sleeping With The Enemy - Or Your Boss, Partner, Captain or Co-Worker: Are these pairing feasible or just frenetic (A very Slash friendly panel)
  • Old vs New West: Exploring the gamut from Alias Smith and Jones to Firefly
  • Females on Film: Strong women in our favorite shows - do we really hate them?
  • No Holes Barred (Or Why We Slash): Come tell us your take on slash - why you read it, write it, love it. (Slash friendly panel)
  • So What Are You Doing This Time Next Year?: Join us at the panel that discusses the panels for next year's Revelcon

Convention Reports

RevelCon 16 (2005)


  • Firefly, Atlantis, Lost and Other New Fandoms – What is it that Makes Us Love Them So?
  • Medicine Matters – Getting the Medical Details Correct
  • Jim and Blair in the Amazing Race?! – Propose a Duo for this Show and Prepare to Debate
  • Writing Sex Scenes – Exploring the Ins and Outs of Great Sex
  • Mechanics of Good Writing - How to Cope with Research, Editing and Deadlines
  • Why We Care Who We Pair – Slash versus Het Pairings
  • The Demise of the Buddy/Buddy Show – What’s the Appeal of the Ensemble Show?
  • What’s It All About – A Guest Panel Exploring the BDSM Lifestyle
  • Are Things Getting Out of Hand? – What Should/Shouldn’t We Be Telling the Sars at Cons?
  • Squicked and Squished – How to be Genner in Slash Dominant Environment
  • Exploring PNS (Pre-Net Syndrome) – Personal Stories of Pre-Net Fandom Goddesses
  • Panel on Revelcon 17 Panels

Convention reports

RevelCon 17 (2006)

  • In 2006, also with the blessing of Candace, a new group took over running the convention. The concom that year - Judy Echezuria, Jan Meek, Eileen Pearlman, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.
  • Friday Night after the B-day party and Song Vid Contest: THE GENNERS PAJAMA PARTY! Wear your Cowboy jammies, bring your teddy bears, and come join with other genners and hear some authors share short pieces of their recent or not so recent work.
  • Saturday Morning in the Video Room 10 a.m. to 12 noon: HOW TO MAKE SONG VIDS -- A Demonstration of video making
  • Saturday Night after the B-day party and Song Vid Contest: THE SLASHERS PAJAMA PARTY! Wear your Cowboy jammies and your whips and spurs, and come join with other slashers and hear some authors share short pieces of their recent or not so recent work.

Convention Reports

RevelCon 18 (2007)

The concom for that year was Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Eileen Pearlman, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells. The 2007 website is archived here.


  • Shows We Loved and Now Hate (Or Vice Versa)
  • Sentinel– Beyond the Bull Pen
  • Supernatural – Sam, Dean and the YEDemon
  • Good Kids – Bad Parenting
  • Mag 7 – On the Edge of the Law
  • Heroes – What Will They Toss Out Next?
  • RPS – Slide to the Dark Side or "Hey, They Aren't Brothers"
  • Starsky and Hutch – The Ultimate Partnership
  • Supernatural – Brothers as Partners (The Boy-Boy Melodrama)
  • BDSM – The Woman's POV
  • Sentinel – Who's in Charge Here?
  • SG-1 and Atlantis – What's Coming and Going
  • Medical Experts – The Awful Truth About the Beating (Your Hero) Just Took
  • Baby Fen – Find Out Where the Future Leads
  • It's a Wrap – Tell Us What You Think, Want, Feel about Revelcon
  • Remakes -- Good, bad, or are we indifferent?
  • Supernatural -- Season 3 Finale Speculation (yeah, yeah, this one might change due to the strike)
  • Meet the Writers (We are going to try to convince the many writers who come to the con each year to sit and kibbutz with us!!)
  • Original Characters: Good or Bad?
  • Captains R Us -- Captain Jack this and Jack that, a discussion of command styles
  • Sam and Dean Cataloguing the Owwies
  • The Real Deal -- A look at guns, not roses
  • BDSM -- Toys and Joys
  • Cross-overs -- What makes 'em work
  • The Law Review -- real lawyers with real answers
  • Men and the Cars -- What does what they drive tell us? (a clips panel -- held in the vid room)
  • Martial Arts on Television -- Is it good, bad or ugly? (a clips panel)
  • Annual wrap panel on panels

Convention Reports

RevelCon 19 ( 2008)

March 14-16, 2008

flyer for 2008

The concom for that year was Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Eileen Pearlman, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.


  • In the Aftermath of the Strike: Discussion of our favorite shows and how the have been affected by this strike.
  • Loners, Partners, and Teammates--A look at Motivation and Characterization
  • Supernatural Season 3 ~ What (a mess?!) Kripke has Wrought
  • LJ 101 ~ How-tos and Wherefores of Live Journal
  • Mag 7~ Stories and Shows We'd Love to See
  • Current Slash Issues: Gay in canon, Trend toward incest, Rise of RPS beyond the bands and More
  • Sentinel ~ Stories and Shows We'd Love to See
  • Writing and Researching Fan Fiction ~ Notes on how to write good Fanfic: Three fanfic writers discuss ways to tell a darn good story—Description, Characterization, Dialogue, Point of View and Research
  • It's a Formula ~ What makes a Great Buddy Show (Idea stolen from Mediawest -- served up RC style)
  • What makes a Great Songvid? ~ Two Houston vidders will dissect and discuss great (and not so great) vids through-out the fannish ages

RevelCon 20 (2009)

The concom for that year was Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Patti Prevett, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.


  • Big arguments in fandom -- Would Blair have become a cop? and others…
  • Characterizations of Sam and Dean in fan fic -- A discussion of character nuances, pleasures and pet-peeves
  • RPS, why some fandoms and not others? -- This and other crunchy, slashy questions…
  • From Lost & Battlestar Galactica to Smallville & ER -- is a limited number of seasons better for a show overall or should shows go on and on and…?
  • River DeNile -- Ever felt betrayed by a show due to character death or a plot twist?
  • Torchwood: sex, drugs, rock 'n roll and more – How do the Brits get away with IT?
  • TPTB, do they manipulate the way fans think? Does what the fans think really matter to them?
  • Kid fic in fandom -- What's the appeal?
  • Stitch and Bitch -- Bring your knitting, crochet or cross stitch and talk about your favorite shows and/or pet peeves.
  • Mag 7 ATF -- the best show that never existed, but should have. When the fanfic creates its own series…
  • Brit Speak- What's this with British and other non-American actors playing leads in American shows?
  • Characterizations of Jim and Blair in fan fic -- A discussion of character nuances, pleasures and pet-peeves
  • Wee-chesters -- School and other realities in growing up Winchester
  • Issues in Fanfic -- What shows don't generate fanfic/zines and why?
  • When is the fanfic is better than the show that originated it? AND Does fanfic bring life to barely seen shows?
  • Slash Fic/Ship Fic -- How does a sexual relationship change the team dynamic and therefore the writing?
  • Bromance -- Is this the network’s word for Slash? Or are they just messing with us…?
  • Cast Chemistry -- Which new shows have it, which don’t?
  • Wrap panel – Come tell us what you think about the con and what you want to see for next year…

RevelCon 21 (2010)

The concom for that year was Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Patti Prevett, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.


  • Crime Dramas -- What needs to go/What could stay on TV forever?
  • Emotional Scars: Bad parents, rape, child abuse, war horrors, why do we love it so?
  • Mag 7 Panel: What's your pleasure? Gen, kidfic, slash, AU, the fandom that has it all?
  • Seeing the Slash: Is it Chemistry between actors, or just the fans need for boy/boy action?
  • NCIS -- Pros and cons of all the characters and how they connect
  • SG1, SGA and SGU - A Comparison of the Three Versions
  • Fandom Through Time – Trends, Ideas and How it all Got Started.
  • Supernatural - The Perfect Season -- Work as a team to come up with the perfect final season for Supernatural.
  • GUILTY Pleasure? Shows you hide from your SO or don't talk about to your friends and coworkers.
  • Slashers vs Women and Slash vs Ship - The Love/Hate Relationships
  • Crossovers R US – Recs for the Best & Worse
  • Hot Stuff - Vamps for All: Will it last and why, which ones do you love the best?
  • Trek Reboot -- Did you love it as much as we did? But what about . . .
  • AUs in fanfic -- What's the allure?
  • Canadian Six Degrees - to Infinity & Beyond: The Fandom that connects all the Due South "Dots"
  • Leverage & White Collar: Great fun, but what about pesky things like Morals and Ethics?
  • The Sentinel - The Fandom That Will Not Die: Why does it endure? What, if anything, is left to be said?
  • Ideas for 2011
  • VID Laredo – Jinx
  • Cowpoke Pictionary
  • VID Paradise – News from St. Louis
  • Video Clip Panel: Appreciating the Classic Western Series: Which one did you love best and why? How would you recast it?
  • Learning LJ Basics
  • VID Mag 7 – Love and Honor
  • VID Alias Smith and Jones – Exit from Wickenburg
  • Video Clip Panel: Smooth vs Hairy Chests – Oglefest & Discussion of Trends
  • Song vid contest viewing
  • Slap & Tickle 101- Spicing up your sex life in Fic or Reality.
  • Mag 7 Gathering
  • Rehearsal
  • Supernatural Gathering (Breakfast on the Road)
  • VID Big Valley – Palms of Glory
  • VID The Virginian – Woman from White Wing
  • VID Maverick – Game of Chance
  • Stitch and Bitch

RevelCon 22 (2011)

The con com for that year was Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.

2011 con zine


2011 Convention logo


  • 11:00 Early Bird Panel! Spill Your Guts – Do you have horror story to share? A TSA Travel Story? Ghostly Tale? ET Sighting? Real-life Séance Experience? Join in for this open discussion about what REALLY scares us… (Coffee and donuts, too)
  • 12 :00 Feedback-- Is there room for constructive criticism for anyone who is not asked to beta? Explore how to be helpful without being a troll…Susan F, Deb H and Lady Angel
  • 1:00 Partner Shows, with Added Ensembles --For Better, or Worse? Liz K, Territrek and Anita K
  • 2:00 The Writers Panel - How to get inspired after your favorite show has gone away,
  • or been changed irreparably... Judy D, Angie, Carole S and Teri H
  • 3:00 Hawaii 5-0 – Oh Lordy, do they know what they are doing? (Slash) Barbara W, Jan and Dawn
  • 4:00 Female characters: Which do we love, which drive us crazy? Which are well developed? Does developing a romance within the show work? Female lead or co-lead shows, like Bones, Rizzoli and Isles, Fringe, Castle etc...Lorelei, Mary Ellen and Amedia
  • 5:00 USA Today – no, not the newspaper – the shows! Discussion of White Collar, Burn Notice, Royal Pains to name a few… and yes, Leverage, too. Lady Angel, Barbara W and Marianne W


  • 10:00 Mixing it up - When does adding or subtracting a character improve the dynamic--or kill the gestalt? (NCIS, Criminal Minds etc.) Mary Ellen, Territrek and Jadenhunter
  • 11:00 Ghost Chasers, Hunters, and Hecklers – Those “reality” shows about the paranormal…Ann W, Anita K and Amy D
  • 12:00 The Readers panel - What authors have you read that have influenced your vision of shows both gen or slash -- and your view of fandom and fanfic in general? Rosie P, Amedia and Ceares
  • 1:00 Who are they pairing now??? What the---?!! A discussion of what works and what doesn’t in slash pairings. Dawn, Deb H and Jan
  • 2:00 The Sentinel – Jim and Blair 12 years later--what would it look like if the show was on TV now? Sallye, Mary Ellen and Marianne W
  • 3:00 Hawaii 5-0 Reboot – Why do we love it so? (Gen) Lorelei, Liz K and Amy D
  • 4:00 Humor in Supernatural: The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly. Sue W, Judy D, Carole, and Teri H
  • 5:00 Mag 7 – What would a spin-off or reboot look like? And really, do we want one? Susan F, Angie and Territrek


  • 10:00 DADT:How will the repeal affect slash fiction related to military characters? Will it open up more story types or take away the fun? Sallye, Jadenhunter and Debi C
  • 11:00 Oldies but Goodies – Discussion of Pros, Starsky and Hutch, Rat Patrol and other long-gone shows… Dawn, Kat, Amedia, Rosie P and Lorelei
  • 12:00 Gone too soon or Gone, at last! – Discuss shows that suffered from bad timing, bad scheduling, bad casting, bad management or just bad ideas. Liz K, Territrek, Barbara W and Angie
  • 1:00 It’s Not Just About Panels Anymore! Come tell the members of the concom what you want to see at Revelcon next year. Jan, Anita, Judy E, Jamie and Sue W

Vid Room Panels


  • 12:00 Vampires – Sexy, Slick, or Ick. Kat, Mary Ellen
  • 3:00 Name that Tune (TV Show Themes Challenge!) Holly and Olivia
  • 5:00 RevelCon Glee Club Rehearsal of Wicked


  • 11:00 BDSM –Fanfic that Has it Right, or Not
  • Join Olivia for an in-depth look at fan written stories that cross into the BDSM world. Helper: Jamie R
  • 2:00 Sherlock Holmes – Then, Now, and Again. Amedia, Kat, Eileen P and Ann W
  • 5:00 RevelCon Glee Club Rehearsal of Wicked

Hospitality Suite Panel

  • SAT 1:00 Stitch and Bitch. Cindy and Amy D

Video Programming was listed here[23]

RevelCon 23 ( 2012)

The concom for that year was Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.

Panels: Revelcon 23 was held on March 16-18, 2012 in Houston, Texas. The list of proposed panels include

  • Angst in my Fluff! Castle, Eureka, Warehouse 13, why do they keep doing this?
  • Relationships are US. Castle & Beckett, Bones & Booth, Angela & Hodgkins, Cuddy and House, Nate and Sophie, Parker and Hardison etc...yes or hell, no!
  • My Favorite Year. Supernatural, we all love season 1& 2 – so what about 3, 4, 5 , 6 and 7?
  • Where do the boys go from here? Supernatural, everybody we love has been taken away, so what next…?
  • British Series, American Style. Being Human, Life on Mars, The Office, Prime Suspect, to name a few, is the conversion better or worse?
  • Fairy Tales on TV. Grimm VS Once Upon a Time, who do you love?
  • Crusty Older Women Carry the Day (and Series). Harry’s Law, Necessary Roughness, The Closer, how do they do it?
  • Fanfic on your E-reader. How to??
  • Kidfic. Love it or Hate it and which fandoms rock it?
  • Trends in television writing. Conspiracy theories, anti-heroes, story arcs, continuing super-villains… Which ones do we wish would go away?
  • Copy-cat Shows. Is creativity a lost art? Which remakes (if any) have actually improved on the originals?
  • Mag 7 AUs. The Many, the Varied, the Perfectly Feasible and the Outrageous…
  • Quirky characters: flakes, psychopaths and sociopaths such as Parker, Eliot, Dexter. How far is too far?
  • Creating a new Sherlock Holmes. American? Australian? Canadian? What should this man truly look like, act like? Who would we cast, what would we do similarly to the movie or TV series, what would we do differently?
  • Oh, Cho! A discussion of those “minor” characters (Bobby, Cho, ?, ?) we love so much.
  • Spoiling the Brew? Show Producers who poll the fans; does it really make a show better or just split the fandom?
  • Early Bird Panel: Feisty Old Fan Queens and Rising Fandom Starlets unite! Come join the crowd and identify yourself as one or the other. Tell us when and how you got here!
  • From Slash to M/M Original Fic. A Journey for Both Writers and Readers.
  • Cross-overs forever amen. Why do the fans love this art form so very much. Who is doing it well right now?
  • Spin-Offs. Which ones work and why? What do we want to see next or never?

Vid Room Panels:

  • Pictionary
  • Name that Tune
  • Shall We Dance – Clips & comments about our Favs dancin’ and swayin’ to the beat…
  • Sharp-dressed Men – Clips & comments about those gorgeous men (all dressed up) we love so much…
  • The Sentinel. Remembering the Magic – Clips and song vids from the early days; Sentinel and Guide, not necessarily gen or slash, just JimandBlair together.

A list of all the Video Room Programming for Revelcon 2012 can be found here.[24]

Convention Reports

2012 convention invitation (front)
2012 convention invitation (back)

Revelcon 24 (2013)

Portrait of Candace Pulleine used on the 2013 Revelcon t-shirt, Art by Sherlock

The concom for Revelcon 2013 will be Judy Echezuria, Anita Kite, Jan Meek, Eileen Pearlman, Jamie Ritchey, and Sue Wells.

Revelcon 24 is scheduled for March 16-18, 2013 and the theme will be "Sleeping With The Stars: During the day, come dressed in your favorite celestial tshirts or whatever - and for our nighttime activities, don your PJ's for our weekend long slumber party."

2012 Vid Show

15 vids were submitted. A complete list of all the vids shown is not available, however the winners of the songvid vid contest were:[26]

Gen Humor

  • Friends - Hawaii Five-0 - Lesley
  • Hip to be Square - Chuck - Lesley
  • Zero to Hero - SG-1 - OneofAradia
  • Romeo - Multi Fandom - OneofAradia

Gen Drama

  • Workin' for a Livin' - White Collar - Lesley
  • Fandom Mine - SG-1 - Holdt
  • Pacing the Cage - The Sentinel - Jamie Ritchey
  • Living on the Edge - SG-1 - OneofAradia

Slash Humor

  • Help - The Professionals - kat-byrd
  • A Hard Day's Night - The Professionals - kat-byrd
  • My Life Would Suck Without You - Starsky & Hutch - kat-byrd
  • To Know Him is to Love Him - Sherlock - Ann Walton
  • Sexy Thing - Sherlock - Ann Walton

Slash Drama

  • In Shadow - SG-1 - Holdt
  • Unanswered - SG-1 - Holdt
  • My Confession - Sherlock - Ann Walton

2011 Vid Show

Approximately 14 vids by Catyah, Ann Walton, Jamie Ritchey, Leigh, Holdt & Darcy, Kat-byrd, Helvetica, and Romanse were submitted to the contest.



  • Gen Humor - I'm a Writer, Not A Fighter - Castle - Jamie Ritchey
  • Gen Drama - Stand - Magnificent 7 - Leigh
  • Slash - I'd Love You To Want Me - Magnificent 7 - Leigh
  • Best In Show - Smile - Starsky & Hutch - Kay-byrd



  • Code Monday - Riptide - Catyah
  • Who Ya' Gonna' Call - Ghosthunting Shows - Ann Walton
  • Monster Mash - Riptide - Catyah
  • I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter - Castle - Jamie Ritchey


  • Believe in You - CSI - Leigh
  • Just Another Day - The Sentinel - Jamie Ritchey
  • Stand - Magnificent 7 - Leigh


  • Everything I Do - NCIS - Ann Walton
  • Wicked - Stargate SG1 - Holdt & Darcy
  • Smile - Starsky & Hutch - Kat-byrd
  • I'd Love You to Want Me - Magnificent 7 - Leigh
  • Holmes & Watson Forever - Holmes & Watson - Ann Walton
  • Say It With Love - The Professionals - Kat-byrd
  • Lost - The Sentinel - Helvetica
  • Breathe You In - Stargate SG1 - Holdt
  • In The Air Tonight - The Professionals - Kat-Byrd
  • Too Sexy - Riptide - Catyah

2010 Vid Show

2010 Vid Show
  • Hard to be Humble - Mag7 - Leigh (Winner: Gen Humour)
  • Seasons of Love - SG1 - OneofAradia (Winner: Gen Drama)
  • Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other - Mag7 - Leigh (Winner: Slash Humour)
  • Sword and Shield - S&H - Katbyrd (Winner:Slash Drama)
  • Hard to be Humble - Mag7 - Leigh (Winner:Best in Show)
  • Cowboys are My Weakness - Mag 7 - Leigh
  • Monty Python, Atlantis Style - SGA - Lesley
  • St. Jimmy - Star Trek Reboot - Lesley
  • All About Loving You - SG1 - OneofAradia
  • You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch - SG1 - OneofAradia
  • Seasons of Love - SG1 - OneofAradia
  • Island in the Sun - S&H - Katbyrd
  • Starsky's Song - S&H - Katbyrd
  • When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down) - Pros - Katbyrd
  • Smut - Riptide - Catyah
  • Too Sexy - Riptide - Catyah
  • Drive - Riptide - Catyah
  • I'm Alive - Criminal Minds/Supernatural - Romanse
  • Gotta Be Somebody - The Sentinel - Jamey R
  • Deep - Sentinel - Helvetica
  • Saved - Sentinel - Helvetica

2009 Vid Show


Gen Entries

  • New Math - Riptide - Catyah (Winner: Best Humor/Gen Vid)
  • Happy Jack - POTC - Lesley
  • Pretty Fly For A White Guy - Chuck - Lesley
  • I'll Be For Your - POTC - Romanse
  • Red Headed Woman - Sentinel - Jamie Ritchey
  • It's The End Of The World As We Know It - SGA - Lesley (Hon. Mention: Best Humor/Gen Vid)
  • You Can't Lose Me - Sentinel - Jamie Ritchey (Winner: Best Drama/Gen Vid)
  • In The End - Sentinel - FreyaKendra
  • Solemn Hour - Supernatural - OneofAradia (Hon. Mention: Best Drama/Gen Vid)
  • Bookends - Tour of Duty - DC
  • Coventry Carol - Tour of Duty - DC

Slash Entries

  • Lies of Handsome Men - MM - Diana Williams
  • The Whole Freakin' Platoon is Gay - Tour of Duty - DC (Winner: Best Humor/Slash Vid)
  • Sex Bomb - MM - OneofAradia
  • If I Ever Lose My Faith In You - Donald Stachey Mysteries - Diana Williams
  • Jolene - Riptide - Catyah
  • All We Are - MM - Romanse
  • Still The One - Riptice - Catyah
  • Yes I Do - SG1 - OneofAradia
  • Every Little Kiss - Pros - Katbyrd
  • I Know You're Out There - Pros - Katbyrd
  • Don't Let Us Get Sick - S&H - Katbyrd
  • Dirty Little Secret - TW/DW - Diana Williams

2008 Vid Show

  • Rock Star (Torchwood)
  • Savin' Me (Torchwood)
  • Meet the Pros (The Professionals)
  • I'm Free (The Professionals)
  • Standing Outside the Fire (The Professionals)
  • Bad Day (The Sentinel) - Best Humour Vid & Best Gen & Best In Show
  • Lightning Does the Work (Stargate SG1) - Best Drama Vid
  • My Loverman (The Sentinel)
  • Rioting in Africa (Stargate SG1)
  • On the Prowl (The Sentinel)
  • Will the Wolf Survive (The Sentinel)
  • Better Days (Due South) - Best Slash Vid

2007 Vid Show

  • A Little Less Conversation - Gianduja Kiss (MM)
  • If I Had A Million Dollars - Moon (S&H)
  • Three Time Loser - Jamie Ritchey (Sentinel)
  • Unwell - Jamie Ritchey (Sentinel)
  • Jim Dandy - Sally Seymour (Sentinel)
  • Our Way - Audrey Lynne (SG Atlantis)
  • Tonight I Wanna Cry - Oneofaradia SG-1
  • Love Hurts - Sally Seymour (Sentinel)
  • The Lovecats - Morgan Logan (S&H)
  • Cartoon Heroes - KimberlyFDR (S&H)
  • Meet Me In The Dark - Oneofaradia (SG-1)
  • You Make Me Feel So Young - Morgan Logan (S&H)
  • I’m Not Wearing Any Underwear - Merc (Supernatural)
  • Never Say Goodbye - Oneofaradia (S&H)
  • Cold As It Gets - Morgan Logan (S&H)
  • Throw Them All Away - KimberlyFDR (S&H)
  • Bitch - Audrey Lynne (Sentinel)
  • Captain Jack - Audrey Lynne (SG-1)
  • Waterloo - Sally Seymour (Sentinel)
  • Killing In The Name - Gianduja Kiss La Femme Nikita
  • My Son John - Grif Ink (Supernatural)
  • Demon’s Desiring - Grif Ink (Supernatural)
  • Harder To Breathe - Merc (Supernatural)
  • Secret In Your Eyes - KimberlyFDR (S&H)
  • Liar - Merc (Supernatural)

Source: kimberlyfdr's Revelcon - The Return convention report, dated March 20, 2007.[27]

2006 Vid Show

  • I Need A Hero (Hercules)
  • Days Go By (Sentinel)
  • Holy Water (Witchblade)
  • When You Lie Next To Me (Multimedia)
  • How Far (Sentinel)
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Supernatural)
  • Devil's Party (Supernatural)
  • Life is a Highway (Supernatural)
  • The Stroke (Harry Potter)
  • Who Wants To Live Forever (Lord of the Rings)
  • Gollum's Song (Lord of the Rings)
  • I Need a Hero (Lord of the Rings) same song as above but different version and singer
  • Interplanet Janet (Stargate SG1)
  • Double Feature (Stargate SG1)
  • Up There (Real Ghostbusters

2004 Vid Show

  • The Sentinel: Beginning to End (1st Place) - Creation's Reflections
  • The Sentinel: The Guide (2nd Place) - Creation's Reflections
  • The Sentinel: Why Don' You And I (3rd Place) - Jamie Ritchey
  • Stargate SG1: The Stargate Cantina by brihana25 (Best Music Video)

2003 Vid Show

2002 Vid Show

2001 Vid Show

2000 Vid Show

1999 Vid Show

1998 Vid Show

1997 Vid Show

1996 Vid Show

1995 Vid Show

1994 Vid Show

Vid show information for the early years is sparse. An attendee has compiled a partial playlist here.[28] A copy is included below.

In 1994, Sandy Herrold posted thefollowing review of the Revelcon songtape to the Virgule-L mailing list. Se had submitted several vids as part of the Media Cannibals vidding collective and their vids had won several awards. It is reposted here with permission:
"So, we just got the Revelcon songtape in the mail today (quick brag alert: of the six vids Media Cannibals sent to the con, 3 of them won awards. Charlotte Hill [who is sitting] behind me reminds us all that competitions are bad and wrong, and she's right, but I'm still pleased at proof that people liked our stuff.)

Anyway, we're watching the first Pros song on the tape ("Cover Me," made by Cybel Harper, and not bad) and it has a Pros clip that neither of us remember seeing.

Help! There are four clips in a row in the vid that seem to be all in a row in the ep. Bodie is wearing a dark brown leather jacket, with a bare light bulb in the background, then cuts to Doyle, wearing a sports jacket, then back to Bodie, then Doyle walks to Bodie, puts one hand on a door, one on Bodie's shoulder, swings in the air, and kicks a door in. It is a very cute shot, and as Charlotte says, "Oh, I like it. *Doyle* touches Bodie!"

More Revelcon tape comments: there were *three* Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea; the two we saw at Escapade, and one more (to "Under the Sea" from Little Mermaid) which was quite cute: gen and lightly humorous.

Other cute ones: "The Night Chicago Died," for, of course, The Untouchables (why didn't *I* think of that...), and especially, "I Think I'm a Clone Now;" all Star Trek and TNG, it only had a couple of clips in common with the ST/B7/gen SF version that I think MVD did a few years ago; really a wonderful commentary on the paucity of originality in TNG.

There's an amazing amount of new Quantum Leap in songvid-land these days. Most of these weren't that good...

There was one version each of the two current songs called "Hero" - the Phil Collins/David Crosby one to Wiseguy (pretty darn good, but it starts stronger than it ends) and the Mariah Carey one to Forever Knight.

Tolbran did a Pros version of the Meatloaf song "I Would Do Anything For Love," letting Bodie do the Meatloaf lines, and Doyle the girl's lines: I am waaay tired of the song but she did some very fun things with it.

Our (in this case Alex and my) version of "Something to Talk About" is also on the tape. Watching the vid, Charlotte pointed out the song is Process X set to music.

The last song on the tape is Orinoco Flow, by our own Gayle. I loved the vid (a beautiful song set with all of the images of why we love video science fiction, (in fact, it reminded me of a discussion in the Catch Trap (by Marion Zimmer Bradley, a must read for a slash fan about why people love trapeze acts, that it is all about our desire to fly.) Beautiful vid."
Vid Title Vidder Fandom
Wind Beneath My Wings  ? Sherlock Holmes
Cover Me Cybel Harper Pros
Poor Pitiful Me  ? QL
Don’t Know Much  ? Hans Solo
The Night Chicago Died  ? The Untouchables
Under the Sea  ? Voyager
I Think I’m a Clone Now  ? STNG
Through The Years  ? Muncle
Sail Home to You  ? Sherlock Holmes
Crazy For Me Media Cannibals WG
Lives in the Balance Media Cannibals WG
Rescue Me Media Cannibals Mixed
Heard it Through the Grapevine Media Cannibals Pros/B7
True Believer Media Cannibals (Nicole V.) B7
Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About Media Cannibals Pros
Hero  ? WG
Everything I Do  ? QL
You Turn Me On  ? QL
You Were There All Along  ? QL
Rock the Cradle of Love  ? QL
Stay  ? B7
Hero  ? Nick at Night
I’d Do Anything for Love Tolbran Pros
Born to Be King  ? HL
Science Fiction  ? I Love Sci Fi
I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You  ? Muncle
I Can’t Fight That Feeling  ? Voyager
Have I Told You  ? Voyager
The Grid  ? B7
One More Kiss Gayle F. and Tashery S. B7
Murder By Numbers Gayle F. and Tashery S. B7
Time Undone Gayle F. and Tashery S. WG
Pirate Ships Gayle F. and Tashery S. B7
Take Time Gayle F. and Tashery S. B7
Science Fiction, Double Feature Gayle F. and Tashery S. B7
Sail Away (Data's Dream) Gayle F. and Tashery S. Mixed

1993 Vid Show

Only the contest winners were listed in the Revelcon 4 post-con report, but it did note there were 33 entries from 11 vidders.

1992 Vid Show

Only the contest winners from Revelcon 3 were listed in the first Revelcon 4 progress report.



Christina P. compiled a partial list of the vids that were show. Note: may contain inaccuracies.

Children From The Sky  ? Muncle
Everything I Do  ? Pros
Way We Used To Be  ? Muncle
Lion Sleeps Tonight  ? Muncle
Double Life California Crew Mixed
Dear Father C. Crew Mixed
Riders to the Sky C. Crew Mixed
Studs in Black Leather Kandy Fong B7
Sounds of Silence Kandy Fong B7
Something To Talk About Kandy Fong Mixed
Poor, Poor Pitiful Me Katherine Scarritt Muncle
Total Eclipse of the Heart Liz Jordan B7

1991 Vid Show

1990 Vid Show

The flyer for this con in Herne's Stepchildren #2 says there was a "Song Video Contest."


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