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Zine Farr has been used by fans to describe two things: 1) the obsession to create a print zine, 2) the mad stampede in a convention dealer's room to procure new zines.

Fannish Drift and "Zine Farr"

Zine Farr is a play-on-words with Pon Farr. The concept of pon farr is so well known that it's been used as a base word to coin fannish phrases, usually about near-manic, focused fanac:

  • Con Farr—the overwhelming, almost physical need to get to a convention for fannish interaction (and fanzines).
  • Zine Farr—the overwhelming need to put out a fanzine, often leading up to a con
  • Vid Farr—the overwhelming need to finish an amateur video production

Creating a Zine

  • "For the past four or five years, Dee, Erika and I have shared the delights of zine farr at Media West." [1]

Buying Zines at Cons

  • "It was the first time I had ever been in a room with so many zines and I went a bit wild, buying some zines that I would later wonder what I bought them for." [2]


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