You Can't Carry It With You

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Title: You Can't Carry It With You
Author(s): waldorph
Date(s): 04 December 2010
Length: 4,383 words
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: You Can't Carry It With You (AO3)
You Cant Carry It With You Awards.png

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You Can't Carry It With You is a Hawaii Five-0 story by waldorph. It won the 2012 Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Favorite Awards in the category "Favorite Other-Centric".[1]

Summary: Rachel had nothing to leave behind, but Danny has left his friends and his job and his family. Danny left behind his city and his entire life, and if she hadn't hated him so much, then, she might have felt a twinge of sympathy.

ofjustimagine podficced the story in 2015.[2]

Recs and Reviews

This story stands out for me because we get a sense of the characters through the eyes of someone who's on the outside, but close enough to notice plenty. It also brings up the difficulty of being a police wife, and how it demands a kind of fortitude that even for Steve is hard to come by (and I love Danny but I'm not sure I'd want to be married to him). Finally it fills in the blanks and shows how a couple as different as Danny and Rachel could have happened and worked and fallen apart. It's a great character portrait of Rachel, and while it got jossed last episode, it's well-written and worth reading all the same for the way it highlights the characters in it in interesting ways.[3]

Rachel/Danny, Rachel/Stan, Steve/Danny | PG-13. Told from Rachel's POV with some lovely background on her marriage to Danny and meeting/marrying Stan, then how Steve (with Danny) factors into their family.[4]


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