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Name: yoflam
Owner/Maintainer: Duckpuppy
Dates: c. 2003 – 2005
Type: slash & gen fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter, originally also The X-Files
URL: offline, previously:
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yoflam was Duckpuppy's Harry Potter fanart site.

The site moved from GeoCities to wickedcherub.net (hosted by wickedcherub) in April 2004.[1] In December 2004, Duckpuppy closed the site due to bandwidth problems.[2] Aja offered to host the site, and it was reopened at Notquiteroyal in March 2005 with a new Snape/Draco theme.[3]

Description from Eowyn's Musings:

And here's Duckpuppy's home... Lovely HP art to be found there *drool*[4]


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