Xiyao Troll

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Participants: anonymous commenter, Xiyao shippers
Date(s): mid 2020 - ?
Type: harassment
Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi
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The xiyao troll is the name given to a person or persons who started leaving anonymous hate comments on all new Xiyao fanworks posted to AO3 sometime in the middle of 2020 (May? June?).

The troll activity was noticed by the fandom, and many people became interested in figuring out who the troll was. Meanwhile, quigonejinn organized a gift exchange to spite the troll, Eat Rocks Troll: A Xiyao Fic Exchange, using the troll's own comments as prompts.

In September 2021, twitter user superborb reported that AO3 Abuse had told them an AO3 user had been banned for this trolling. superborb had sent verity's comment data analysis with their abuse report on the troll after being inspired by the successful identification and removal of another MDZS harasser: Shinocchi.

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