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You may be looking for the archive The X-Philes Finis Romantics Society Literary Vault.

Mailing List
Name: XF-Romantics
Date(s): 1995-present
Moderators/List Maintainers: Kristel St. Johns
Founder(s): Kristel St. Johns
Fandom: X-Files
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XF-Romantics was the primary X-Files relationshippers (shippers) mailing list, founded in early 1995 by Kristel St. Johns.

Also see MSR.


This list is dedicated to those who are of the opinion that Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are in love and belong together in a romantic sense. Discussion will encompass all of X-Files, but the difference is that here, you can schmooze your heart out about the meaningful looks and gestures between the two, you can sigh over how perfect they are together and do various other things that the anti-relationshipper's don't care for. NOTE: If you are not of the opinion that Mulder and Scully belong together, this is probably not the list for you! While we welcome your opinions if you are of the mind to give them, you will be taken off the list if you go around flaming members for their romantic leanings. This list is a safe haven for relationshippers who more often than not get flamed elsewhere. [1]

Mailing List History

The xf-romantics list was created due to the negative response Mulder/Scully relationshippers encountered on alt.tv.x-files and alt.tv.x-files.creative during the early seasons of the X-Files. [2]

The list members embraced the term relationshippers to distinguish themselves in the X-Files community, which was shortened to 'shippers and then shippers in May and June of 1996 during the "relationshipper wars" on alt.tv.x-files. [3] [4] [5]

In 2011, a fan wrote:

So, Castle tweaked the shippers on Monday. And suddenly, there's discussion everywhere about shippers. What shippers are, how shippers and shipping came to be called such.

See me standing here, my hand raised like a teacher's pet. Ohhhhh!! I know the answer to that one. Shippers were called relationshippers (obvious term) for several seasons in X-Files fandom. Eventually, the xf-romantics list was formed on the chaos mailing list server. In April-May 1996 (I believe) the romantics list and alt.tv.x-files (not alt.tv.x-files.creative) engaged in what came to be called the great shipper wars. During that flamefest, the xf-romantics list embraced the term shipper for themselves. I also think there was something to do with some song with lyrics related to a ship (yeah, actual boat type of ship).

Go over to Google groups and search on alt.tv.x-files, and you'll find references to relationshippers prior to May 1996, then 'shippers proceeding to shippers starting in May 1996. But, my recollection is that while atx may have provided some of the catalysis for the change, xf-romantics embraced the change. [6]


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