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X-Files Eggbeater Challenge occurred at Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association sometime in 1997 or before.

The challenge: include a sex scene as well as an eggbeater, fic was to be 500 words.

A Confused Fan Commented

I admit to being extremely confused when the first Senslash story I ever read was one where Blair turned out to be some kind of evil government agent assigned to kidnap Jim, who spent most of the rest of the story under heavy sedation and in five point restraints having hideous experiments carried out on him. Not having ever seen the actual programme this left me in a state of great puzzlement, similar to the kind of thing a novice X-files slasher must have felt upon tuning into the genre in the middle of the now notorious eggbeater challenge. [1]


In 2008, a fan, Cesperanza, cited this challenge: "The Fox Mulder omelette! "Break eggs. Get eggbeater. (Wash eggbeater thoroughly...)""Another fan, cathexys, responded: "ROTFL. see...and the fact that this is funny to a good number of your audience...that's fandom to me too :)" [2]

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