Worth the Wound (2016 Sherlock Holmes slash anthology)

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You may be looking for Worth the Wound, a 2004 Sherlock Holmes slash anthology based on the books.

Title: Worth the Wound
Editor(s): Requiem
Date(s): September 2016
Medium: print, CD, download
Genre: slash
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes, Ritchieverse
Language: English
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Worth the Wound is a 2016 slash Sherlock Holmes Ritchieverse fiction anthology.

front cover by Lorraine Brevig

It is full sized, 185 pages, not including artwork. Colour cover by Lorraine Brevig, interior artwork by L.A. Adolf, interior artwork by Sekhmet, as well as an interior piece by Nodbear, L.A. Adolf, and amaraal.

From the Publisher

The stories in this delightful collection are based on the Ritchieverse, with the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, being portrayed by Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law as Dr John Watson, his sidekick. These stories were all written for a closed community on LJ and have been edited. They are not available online in edited form at all so buying this fanzine is the only place you'll get to read these great stories.

You won't regret it - there's plenty of love, romance, action, adventure, angst and h/c for everyone.


Interior art by L.A. Adolf.
  • Pentimento by L.A. Adolf (Summary: Sherlock Holmes chances upon something that he can't bear to let slip through his fingers.)
  • Youthful Indiscretion by Ingrid Matthews (Summary: Watson was not always the worldly man he is now, and a youthful folly may cause him to lose all he holds dear.)
  • Not Quite Himself by Tinzelda (Summary: Holmes returns to Baker Street in Clarky's company, quite a changed man.)
  • Faint by Ingrid Matthews (Summary: Watson was not a man to trifle with, at any time. For someone to possibly be playing a cruel joke on him was not something he was willing to accept.)
  • Dreaming by Piplover (Summary: In dreams, things are perhaps seen differently than what they are...)
  • Winner Takes All by Ingrid Matthews (Summary: Watson is determined to remind Holmes - no matter what - who his true partner in life is.
  • A Time to Remember by Ingrid Matthews (Summary: Can Holmes ever forgive Watson for the crushing of Holmes' heart?)
  • A Rare Occasion by amaraal (Summary: A Christmas holiday, hearts and souls given and received.)
  • Companionship by Ingrid Matthews (Summary: When Holmes is left alone after Watson's marriage, he looks for other forms of companionship, much to Mrs Hudson's dismay.)
  • Inevitable Damages by L.A. Adolf (Summary: Mycroft would never admit he'd missed his little brother.)
  • The Long Road Home by Tinzelda (Summary: It's not what it seems when Holmes tears off after a criminal without Watson at his side.)
  • The No-Good, Very Bad, Terrible Day of Sherlock Holmes by Ingrid Matthews (Summary: Watson simply must take charge before Baker Street finds itself blown off the face of the earth.)
  • This Promise by Ingrid Matthews (Summary: Holmes knows full well that life - being alive - is simply not always enough.)
  • At the Baths by Tinzelda (Summary: Jealousy sometimes drives Holmes' passions.)
  • Healing Hands by amaraal (Summary: To see his dear Watson in pain nearly broke Holmes' heart.)
  • Once Upon a Time... by Ingrid Matthews (Summary: Perhaps there is more to Holmes' relationship with Mrs Hudson than Watson ever suspected.)
  • An Indefinite Problem by Ingrid Matthews (Summary: Once sleep is obtained... the monster emerges.)
  • Like a Candle in the Dark by Piplover (Summary: Cleaning days at 221B were not that common, and when the chance arose, they were attended to with gusto.)
  • The Fainting Mirror by Ingrid Matthews and L.A. Adolf (Summary: A horrendous scare in the Baker Street abode leaves Watson taking charge.)
  • Standards of Order... and Disorder by Tinzelda (Summary: It rapidly became a favourite diversion to watch Watson carefully and enjoy those rare moments when his person was not perfectly clean and tidy, such as the night when a scuffle with a suspect left Watson with a dirty smudge on his left cheek.)
  • The Adventure of the Alluring Landlady by Ingrid Matthews and L.A. Adolf (Summary: Following Mrs Hudson is easy enough, as they are professionals in the art of seeing and not being seen.)
  • Second Spring by Ingrid Matthews, Nodbear, and L.A. Adolf (Summary: Watson is fine. He will be fine because Holmes is going to set everything to rights.)