Woke Up New

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Title: Woke Up New
Author(s): Zee
Date(s): 06 January 2009
Length: 22,083 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, bodyswap
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Woke Up New (LiveJournal)
Очнуться другим (Russian translation)

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Woke Up New is a Merlin/Arthur bodyswap story by Zee (22,083 words).

Summary: Merlin and Arthur switch bodies; complications ensue.

Black Mamba translated the story into Russian for the Arthur/Merlin OTP fest "Две стороны одной медали" (Two sides of the same coin).[1].

Recs and Reviews

  • "An incompetent sorceress’s botched spell causes Arthur and Merlin to switch bodies."[2]
  • "Bodyswapping! Once again a particularly good example of a good cliche in Merlin fandom. I like this one because Merlin and Arthur aren't completely daft about their problem; they admit what's happened to Uther, even though it means potentially condemning another magic user, because Arthur doesn't know about Merlin's magic so of course he'd think that's the best solution, rather than come up with some reason they can't tell anyone. Of course, they don't tell many others, but still. I also like the focus on the feel of their swapped bodies. Also, drama!"[3]
  • "The next in what I hope is a long, illustrious line of bodyswapping fics. The sex, when it finally happens, is phenomenal. So hot omg."[4]
  • "This fic is so awesome. I love the complete disorientation the boys feel at having completely different bodies, down the way they can feel the minute differences in their teeth. And Arthur having magic for a little bit is one of my favorite tropes. This fic is fun and intense and sexy and heartfelt and just generally quite brilliant."[5]


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