Without You Here

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Title: Without You Here
Creator: Xnickstax
Date: 2007
Length: 9.3MB
Music: "Without You Here" by GooGoo Dolls
Genre: slash, Brian/Justin
Fandom: Queer As Folk (US)
URL: offline

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Without You Here is a Queer As Folk (US) vid by Xnickstax. It is a slash vid with the pairing of Brian/Justin.

Vidder's Notes: "Clips taken from all Seasons, Brian & Justin centric. Mainly focuses on Brian's thoughts as he's looking for Justin in the bombing in 510."


This vid was reviewed by Paraka at the reel vidding community on April 1, 2007:

Overall impression: A very nice and schmoopy Brian/Justin vid (but schmoop of the very best kind!). I quite enjoyed it.

Titles: Typical introduction of the vid title and then rolling credits at the end as the music fades. The font and/or font size could be improved. It’s rather flowy and can be hard read. Not horribly so, but it could be easier and still be pretty.

Music choice: For all that I, personally, love the Goo Goo Dolls, the musical choice was one of the things that held me back for this vid. Call me a vid watcher with an attention span of 0.3 seconds, but the song *felt* long due to the slow movements within it, and the tone of the singer (which never really changed for the verses). Really though, that’s more of a personal taste thing for me. The song, and it’s lyrics fit beautifully with the storyline and mood of this vid.

Narration, Tone and Movement: This vid really is giving you a lazy look at Brian and Justin through the seasons. It gives you a laid back look at their relationship, but still looks at some of the really serious things, like the prom and the bomb. I really liked how she divided the song into different seasons, but still always brought it back to the bombing scenes. The vidder described the vid as “Brian’s thoughts as he’s looking for Justin in the bombing in 510” and think the way she’s presented this vid really accomplishes that.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: The transitions aren’t overused, and used very effectively when they are pulled out. The white flashes to signify a change in time where consistent and again really effective.

The cuts at the beginning where a bit sloppy, quite a few stray frames. At one point there was a cut that I thought was a stray frame, but when I looked at it, it was actually from a different scene, I’m not quite sure why the vidder presented it as such, it would have been more effective had the clip either been up longer (so it didn’t appear to be a mistake as I first assumed) or perhaps overlayed on the next clip (which is more what the vidder was trying to convay I think).

As for effects, there was one point in which a scene was in sepia that I don’t quite understand. The scene was no more of a flash back than any of the other scenes, I’m not sure why this one had a change in colouring. It threw me a bit.

Specific vid & music notes: I felt the clips used in this vid were well thought out and fit very nicely together. I perticularly liked the sections about the prom, and season 3 (but I’ve got a thing for the office scene in 308 :P). The focus was on the love, and it really came across; the POV in this was great. A little nit pick that I had, was the source material used for the 510 scenes could have been better, especially since they’re such and intrigal part of the vid. The scene itself is dark and dusty, so can be hard to see, but I often found them pixal-y, which again, can throw the view a bit.

Final notes: I really did like this vid. It’s schmoopy and focused on the love, and it keeps up a great POV while showing off some of the greatest B/J moments of the show.

I also just wanted to apologize, since this is actually a March rec, I procrastinated, and then there was a problem last night that prevented me from posting then. Sorry!