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Name: Witchwinter
Date(s): October 2005 – March 2007
Moderator(s): yamapea, kiana, geewhiz, inell, and __hibiscus
Founder: yamapea
Type: Gift exchange
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: witchwinter on LiveJournal
Witchwinter banner
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Witchwinter was a Harry Potter holiday exchange that ran in 2005 and 2006. The original challenge was exclusively for femslash fic and art, but the second round also allowed gen works about female characters.

The exchange did not return for a 2007–2008 round due to the "current climate" of LiveJournal.[1]

2005–2006 Exchange

The first Witchwinter was run by foreword (now known as yamapea) as a femmeslash holiday exchange that "emphasize[d] a low-stress, informal environment".[2]

The minimum word count for fanfiction was only 500 words and participants posted their own entries directly to the community at their convenience anytime before the fest deadline. During sign-ups, participants were asked to provide three to five femslash ships they were willing to write/draw and receive, and then were matched with other participants.

There were at least 4 pieces of art and 17 stories created for the exchange. The most popular pairing was Narcissa/Lily with 3 fanworks, followed Hermione/Ginny with 2 fanworks.


  • October 25–31, 2005: Sign-ups
  • November 5, 2005: Assignments sent out
  • November 5, 2005 – January 15, 2006: Posting window




  • Flowers and Freckles by daquirigirl for samfeasor, posted 12 Nov 2005
    Fleur/Hermione. Fleur's pride is, for the first time, getting in the way of her having exactly what she wants - so how can she get around it, if she even can? (PG, 1037 words, Incomplete)
  • Still Waters by corvidae9 for rosacurry, posted 06 Dec 2005
    Cho/Angelina. Cho is sidetracked by an impractical, disruptive, and wholly irresistible crush. (PG, 2005 words)
  • Lost Together by dulcinea (instrumentality) for prurient_badger, posted 09 Dec 2005
    Rita/Pansy. The secret is never to take a side. (R, 1570 words)
  • You and Me and The Rain by eudaimon for canellaphile, posted 05 Jan 2006
    Hermione/Tonks. Love is watching someone die. (R, 8896 words)
  • Epiphany by samfeasor for emei, posted 06 Jan 2006
    Hermione/Ginny. Hermione receives a gift on Twelfth Night. (PG, 1022 words)
  • The Certainty of Need, part 1 and part 2 by volsi for shachi, posted 13 Jan 2006 & 25 Jan 2006
    Pansy/Ginny. Ginny finds herself rather alone in Hogwarts - Takes place during year 7. (NC-17, 5029 words)
  • The Art of Companionship by theladyfeylene for pandorabox82, posted 15 Jan 2006
    Minerva/Poppy. How can so much time pass by so quickly? Minerva doesn't realize how long it's been since she's been on a date. Or that, despite tea together each month, she isn't the only one who's secretly lonely. (PG, 1432 words)
  • One Last Time by Aurora Enkeli Medeis for blackenedquill, posted 15 Jan 2006
    Narcissa/Lily. Narcissa pays Lily a visit on the eve of the redheads wedding. This time they both swear that it really is the last time. (R, 991 words)
  • Thorns by kabal42 for aurora_enkeli, posted 15 Jan 2006
    Lily/Narcissa. An attempt at bridging wars leads to the hopes of mothers. (G, 1014 words)
  • Fragile by acidquill for sidereal, posted 16 Jan 2006
    Millicent/Fleur. She didn’t see Fleur again until she was fourteen. (G, 915 words)
  • In the Papers by chasingtides for scarah2, posted 16 Jan 2006
    Narcissa/Lily. One morning, Lily Evans reads about her lover’s impending marriage to Lucius Malfoy. (Unrated, ~1300 words)
  • In Between by emei for rosehiptea, posted 16 Jan 2006
    Ginny/Luna. No matter how long she keeps the golden coin pressed between the palms of her hands, it does not grow warm. (PG-13, 2000 words)
  • Burning by Rose Eva (eliminate) for volsi, posted 17 Jan 2006
    Pansy/Hermione. Sometimes sex isn’t the best pacification to a relationship if you know that it will only lead to more longing. (NC-17, 734 words)
  • Nothing Like the Sun by rosehiptea for artoftheartless, posted 02 Feb 2006
    Ginny/Tonks. Ginny wants Tonks just the way she is. (NC-17, 1535 words)
  • Archangel by Gabriel Anubis for eudaimon, posted 03 Feb 2006
    Tonks/Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a far cry from the tiny child she was when Tonks first saw her… (R, 642 words)
  • Once Divided, Twice Whole by littledust for chasingtides, posted 25 Feb 2006
    Padma/Cho. Padma never expects to fall in love on a cold night in early March, with snowflakes petering out of the clouds like the last sullen grains of salt from a shaker. (PG-13, 1317 words)
  • Beautiful Girl by tinkerpixy (incognito) for cmere, posted 26 Mar 2006
    Bellatrix/Pansy. In the beginning, Pansy thought it a grand adventure, of being treated like royalty and taught how to live outside of a Castle that was never her home. When Bellatrix demanded, Pansy answered with a smile, and she thought it was her proper place in the world. (R, 1050 words)

2006–2007 Exchange

For the second Witchwinter, __hibiscus, kiana, inell, and geewhiz joined yamapea as moderators.[3]

This round allowed gen works about female characters in addition to femslash. During sign-ups, participants were asked to provide either characters or pairings for matching and asked whether they preferred writing/drawing gen or femslash.[4] Rather than posting works directly to the community, participants were instructed to submit gifts to the mods for anonymous posting.

There were 12 pieces of art and 32 stories created for the round. The most popular pairing was Ginny/Luna with 5 fanworks, followed Ginny/Pansy and Hermione/Pansy with 3 fanworks each.


  • August 28, 2006: Sign-ups open
  • September 9, 2006: Assignments sent out
  • December 2, 2006: Deadline for new participants
  • December 15, 2006: Deadline for returning participants
  • December 20, 2006: Deadline for returning pinch-hitters
  • January 1, 2007: Posting begins
  • March 8, 2007: Reveals (Thanks and Masterlist)



  • First snow by orionnoire for _turtledove, posted 04 Feb 2007
    Pansy/Luna, G. While skating, Pansy tires the classic "catch me, I’m falling!" method on an oblivious Luna. Art post now deleted.
  • Dress Shopping by canellaphile for ragdoll, posted 01 Feb 2007
    Tonks/Fleur, R. Fleur needed a dress, Tonks is her willing assistant. Images now offline.
  • Touch, Feel and Close Your Eyes by harkskar for chasingtides, posted 29 Jan 2007
    Luna/Cho, NC-17. Sometimes Luna needs Cho to take care of. Sometimes Cho lets her. Images now offline.
  • Lazy Afternoon by __hibiscus for lelek, posted 21 Jan 2007
    Pansy/Hermione, R. No summary provided. Image now offline.
  • Lick by eska_rina for hildigunnur, posted Jan 2007
    Ginny/Luna, NC-17. Post locked to members (requires moderator approval).
  • Study Break by violetfishy for corvidae9, posted 15 Jan 2007
    Hermione/Luna, NC-17. Improper use of the library. Image now offline.
  • The Bride Room by twilightsorcery for tacky_tramp, posted 14 Jan 2007
    Bellatrix/Narcissa, R. No summary provided. Image now offline.
  • Keep Quiet (or you'll wake up the Fat Lady) by violetfishy for dramedy, posted 08 Feb 2007
    Ginny/Pansy, NC-17. Magically induced orgasms! Image now offline.
  • Drawing Skin by dramedy for theenginedriver, posted 12 Feb 2007
    Tonks/Hermione, R. Tonks knew that Hermione had always wanted to have sex in the library. Image now offline.


  • Waiting by eiranea for cmere, posted 02 Jan 2007
    Hermione/Ginny. Hermione's been waiting for Ginny for a long time, the Room of Requirement seemed like the best place to wait. (NC-17, 2674 words)
  • Stealing Beauty by kethlenda for anjenue, posted Jan 2007
    Narcissa/Lily, NC-17. Post locked to members (requires moderator approval).
  • The Year of our Lives by ladyblack888 for kethlenda, posted Jan 2007
    Andromeda/Bellatrix. Bellatrix's hair is so dark, it seems to swallow all colour, while Andromeda's black hair reflects the light and shines, nearly as luminous as Narcissa's. (R, 1826 words) Witchwinter post locked to members.
  • Monsters by charlotteschaos for krystal_moon, posted 04 Jan 2007
    Fleur/Tonks, Bill. Fleur doesn't just want cunt. She craves it. She needs it like I need raw meat. (NC-17, 1500 words)
  • In the Bleak Midwinter by theenginedriver for eudaimon, posted 05 Jan 2007
    Marlene McKinnon/Lily Evans. During the winter of 1979-1980, war makes two women reach out to one another. (PG-13, 2913 words)
  • Of Salt and Shore by wishing_wounds for ladyblack888, posted 06 Jan 2007
    Andromeda/Bellatrix. Andromeda always reminded Bellatrix of the ocean, harsh and unforgiving, yet beautiful when touched by the sun. (NC-17, 1509 words)
  • Another Midnight by volsi for ankh_definition, posted 07 Jan 2007
    Ginny/Pansy. Ginny really resents Pansy's presence at Grimmauld Place. After several tense, she decides to do something about that. (NC-17, 4426 words)
  • Snow Angels by sweetcarolanne for orionnoire, posted 08 Jan 2007
    Gabrielle/Luna. Soon they would be together again, and the daydreams would be real… (R, 1112 words)
  • Unexpected Smiles by hildigunnur for harkskar, posted 09 Jan 2007
    Hermione/Pansy. It feels like exploring the unknown to be pursuing Pansy Parkinson. (NC-17, 2600 words)
  • Once A Malfoy by anjenue for kinky_kneazle, posted 10 Jan 2007
    Pansy-centric, Pansy/Draco, Pansy/Narcissa. Pansy has always wanted to be a Malfoy, whatever it takes to become one. (R, 2877 words)
  • By Sun or Candlelight by ragdoll for wishing_wounds, posted Jan 2007
    Bellatrix/Tonks. A chance meeting with her aunt in Knockturn Alley at the age of five sets Nymphadora Tonks on a life-long path of obsession. (NC-17, 7750 words) Witchwinter post locked to members.
  • Naughtiness Between Friends by krystal_moon for eska_rina, posted 12 Jan 2007
    Ginny/Luna. Ginny has problems with touching herself. Maybe her father’s new “toy” could be helpful... (NC-17, 4107 words)
  • The Definition of Inexperienced by cmere for legomymalfoy, posted 13 Jan 2007
    Ginny/Hermione. Ginny was subtle, all right. And Hermione was already in too deep when she realized she was being seduced. (NC-17, 5000 words)
  • They Don't Know What They're Missing by krystal_moon for eiranea, posted 16 Jan 2007
    Ginny/Tonks. Post OOTP: Ginny is pining for Harry to come home. Tonks is pining for Remus to come to his senses. They think it’s time to see what the boys are missing. (NC-17, 1240 words)
  • Red, Green and Love by yamapea for irishphoenix711, posted 17 Jan 2007
    Narcissa/Lily, Narcissa/Fleur. Narcissa falls for her gradually, in flashes of red and green hidden in trappings of red and gold. (R, 2432 words)
  • Fairy Lights by lelek for derryere, posted 22 Jan 2007
    Hermione/Luna. Sometimes life could still be beautiful. (G, 1047 words)
  • The Apple Orchard by ireneadler for unperfectwolf, posted 24 Jan 2007
    Gabrielle/Hermione friendship. Hermione escapes to France after the war, but it seems she’s not the only one who could use some healing. Or a friend. (PG, 3550 words)
  • Misdirection by chasingtides for silvernatasha, posted 01 Feb 2007
    Lavender/Parvati. A little snippet from sixth year. Fluff. (G, 384 words)
  • But Maybe by silvernatasha for inell, posted 02 Feb 2007
    Hermione/Lavender. Things don't always go according to plan. (PG-13, 3998 words)
  • The trees on the lake by kabal42 for bicyclette, posted 05 Feb 2007
    Ginny/Pansy. Pansy is restless and annoyed and she knows just whose fault it is! But doing something about it is quite different... (NC-17, 2016 words)
  • Her Own Inadequacies by _turtledove for lazaray, posted 06 Feb 2007
    Marietta, Cho, Angelina/Alicia/Katie. No one ever tells Marietta anything these days. (R, 1365 words)
  • Rubbish by corvidae9 for istalksnape, posted 07 Feb 2007
    Sybill/Rosmerta. The Sight is Sybil's cross to bear. (Sybil/Rosmerta, implied Rosmerta/Draco dubcon) (NC-17, 2250 words)
  • Understanding by yamapea for sweetcarolanne, posted 10 Feb 2007
    Luna/Gabrielle, Fleur/Gabrielle. Probably AU; Gabrielle becomes a student at Hogwarts when Luna is in her final year. (NC-17, 2083 words)
  • A Good Indication by corvidae9 for ireneadler, posted 12 Feb 2007
    Luna/Ginny. Ginny's best friend will always be there for her. (R, 4600 words)
  • Another Girl by ragdoll for violetfishy, posted Feb 2007
    Ginny/Luna, NC-17. Post locked to members (requires moderator approval).
  • Not Quite Full by kinky_kneazle for gamps_garret, posted 15 Feb 2007
    McGonagall/Hooch. Wouldn't it be great if your best friend wrote your New Year's Resolutions? (G, 2400 words)
  • Pretty One by irishphoenix711 for silvernatasha, posted 19 Feb 2007
    Fleur/Hermione. Clearing her throat, she stood up slowly and discreetly made to follow Fleur’s delicate footsteps. Her heart pounded and her thoughts spun with curiosity as she turned down the line of books Fleur had hidden herself behind. (NC-17, 2200 words)
  • the abc's of fate by anjenue for canellaphile, posted 21 Feb 2007
    Ginny/Tonks. She was always last, but sometimes being last doesn't have to be a bad thing. (NC-17, 5200 words)
  • The Washerwoman by kinky_kneazle for emei, posted 25 Feb 2007
    McGonagall/Hermione. Professor McGonagall tries to snap Hermione out of her blues by giving her chores. (G, 2200 words)
  • Unfinished Business by yamapea for volsi, posted 27 Feb 2007
    Pansy/Hermione. A story of a love torn apart by war, and Hermione Granger's attempt to put the pieces back together. (Adult, 2200 words)

Fic and Art

  • Puppet by emei for yamapea, posted 18 Jan 2007
    Pansy/Bellatrix, Pansy/Narcissa, Pansy/Draco. Pansy lives in dusk, always waiting for Bellatrix; for the one who decided to re-educate her. (NC-17, 2500 words + 1 piece of art) Image now offline.
  • Bad Dreams by nutnatz for kabal42, posted 5 March 2007
    Ginny/Luna. Luna has a bad dream. Ginny comforts her. (PG, 622 words + 1 piece of art)


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