Wintry Remix

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Name: Wintry Remix
Date(s): 2016
Founder: Bethany
Type: fanfic
Fandom: Hanson
Associated Community:
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A participation award given in the 2016 round.

Wintry Remix is a Hanson fanfic challenge run by Bethany. It is a remix challenge that takes its title from the working title for Hanson's 2017 Christmas album. It is intended to be a reciprocal challenge—everyone who signs up must be remixed as well as remixing someone else's story.

The challenge has somewhat more open rules than many other remix challenges, due to the small size of the Hanson fandom. A collection was created on AO3, but the challenge was not primarily held there and authors were not required to add their stories to the collection.

To date, one round has been held.

2016 Round

Six remixes were written for this round. Each author was given a participation award. Its AO3 collection can be found here.

2017 Round

Eight remixes were written for this round. There were no awards given. Authors who had participated in the previous round were allowed to continue their remixes from it. Its AO3 collection can be found here.