Widow Week

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Name: Widow Week
Date(s): January 5–12, 2014
Moderator(s): Fuck Yeah Black Widow
Founder: Fuck Yeah Black Widow
Type: gifs, graphics, meta, fanmixes, fanart, fancraft
Fandom: Marvel
Associated Community: Fuck Yeah Black Widow
URL: fybw.org
Widow week.gif
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Widow Week was a fanweek dedicated to the Marvel character Natasha Romanoff.


Timed to coincide with the release of (All-New Marvel NOW) Black Widow #1, Widow Week is a tumblr celebration of all things Black Widow! Share gifs, graphics, meta, fanmixes, fanart, crafts, thoughts and #feels. The above prompts are just a jumping off point— any participation is welcome. I’ll be tracking the #widow week tag and reblogging here on FYBW all week, January 5th-12th. Please spread the word!


  • Day 1: Why the Widow?
  • Day 2: MCU
  • Day 3: Marvel Comics
  • Day 4: Black Widow #1 on Sale
  • Day 5: Legacies
  • Day 6: Widow Team-up