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Name: Fuck Yeah Black Widow, FYBW
Date(s): 2010-present
Submissions: yes
Type: meta, fanart, edits
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Scope: Natasha Romanova
URL: http://fybw.org
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Fuck Yeah Black Widow or FYBW is a popular Tumblr blog focusing on Natasha Romanova. While it posts about all versions of Natasha, it is first and foremost dedicated to writing meta about her comicsverse incarnation.


Fuck Yeah, Black Widow (abbr. FYBW) is a tumblog dedicated to the Marvel superhero Black Widow in all of her incarnations. It carries on a fine and profane tradition of using "fuck yeah" in the title— this is standard operating procedure on tumblr and has the added benefit of trolling the people who come here looking for cartoon porn.

- fybw.org/about

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