Where Angels Fear to Tread (Chasing Amy story)

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Title: Where Angels Fear to Tread
Author(s): Brenda Antrim
Date(s): ?
Genre: Holden/Banky slash, Rated NC17
Fandom: Chasing Amy
External Links: Where Angels Fear to Tread (at Castle's Keep)
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Where Angels Fear to Tread is a Chasing Amy slash fic of Holden/Banky by Brenda Antrim.


Set during and following the events of the movie, from Banky's perspective.

Author's Notes

Rated NC17 for language and adult themes (just like the movie! What a surprise! Speaking of which, I strongly recommend watching the movie before reading the story). No copyright infringement intended to Kevin Smith, View Askew et al. Banky simply wouldn't shut up.

Recs & Comments

"I have been wanting to read some good Holden/Banky slash ever since I started reading fanfic and branching out into any old damn fandom that came along. I'm easy when it comes to fic, if I find the guys attractive and know even a little about the show I'm there. I have seen Chasing Amy several times, it's the only thing I really like Ben Afleck in, and hell I knew Banky was lusting for Holden before anyone else pointed it out. I would have slapped the bastard too if I was Alyssa, though, for making that stupid suggestion. I've been wondering why there wasn't much Holden/Banky slash out there though. They left it wide open for slash with stating they wanted one another. Maybe that is why, to easy. When there is slash in a show, few fics are written on it. We like a challenge usually, to easy if they show us what we desire. Only exception is probably Oz, to ripe with angst on that show for happily ever after, gotta work on that in the fics. Plus, the fact that Banky was a complete and total fucking bastard and not ashamed about it. Not exactly a likable character, in some respects. I wanted him with Holden though, probably the only one who could stand Banky for long. To the rec, though, this story is like Banky's thoughts throughout the movie, what he was thinking, some of which he said, he had trouble keeping shit to himself. I can totally see this as his internal dialogue, she really got into his head, was even right that a good chunk of shit he thought, he said. It follows through the movie and past where the ending left off. Gives us some resolution about Holden & Banky that I liked. She could have been more graphic though, but I liked what we got well enough. Who am I to gripe. Any one else want to see if they can't work up some Chasing Amy Holden/Banky slash. I'd love to read it, consider that a challenge, for more good Chasing Amy slash. Any think you can do it?"[1]


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