When in Rome (Tin Man story)

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Title: When in Rome
Author(s): porkie
Date(s): December 16th, 2007
Length: 6,031 words
Genre: Cain/DG, Azkadellia/Glitch, Queen/Ahamo
AUish, Rated R, D/s
Fandom: Tin Man (miniseries)
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When in Rome is a Syfy's Tin Man fic by sexyspork.


DG comes to realize that the O.Z. is so much more different than she first thought.

Author's Notes

This was just supposed to be a short crackfic that suddenly exploded. And aside from maybe writing one itty-bitty Zero/Azkadellia pre-series companion fic, this will not be expounded upon because it killed me dead! Thanks to aris_writing for letting me play in her sandbox.
Begins during the second part and continues post-series. And so as to catch your attention, THIS IS R FOR A REASON PEOPLE, LOOK AT THE WARNING! It's not exactly dark, but it does have a central D/s theme, and some people find that squicky...

Comments & Reviews

"This was one of the first stories written after part 3 aired so you could read it just for the historical value. This was written before any of the fanon of age difference, Cain the stoic or DG the clueless-in-matters-of-the-heart came into being and it still remains as one of the most unique stories of the fandom."[1]
"Some of the Tin Man fics I love I'll probably save in case we have a challenge sometime, but I've just reread this fic, and I had to come recommend it straight away. I read this story for the first time before seeing the Tin Man miniseries; not only was it completely understandable without knowing the fandom, but it also led to me tracking down the TV episodes to watch.

It's an AU in which dominant/submissive relationships are the norm in the Outer Zone. However, unlike the BDSM AUs in other fandoms which obviously inspired it, it's not actually about someone who's part of this culture. Rather, the central character is DG, who having grown up on the Other Side (i.e. Earth) reacts to the O.Z. relationship dynamics the way that you might expect: shock, lack of comprehension, fear at the thought of being forced to partake in such a relationship herself.

Over the course of the story (which is just over 6,000 words), she does begin to understand the dynamics a bit better; but she never "converts", despite the wishes of her parents (she's named heir to the throne, and the ruler of the O.Z. has to be dominant). Cain, who is (as anyone who knows the fandom would expect) decidedly a dominant, is the only one that accepts her as she is, and they come to a lovely compromise.

There are some typos in the story. I don't get the impression that the author is bad at SPAG, just that she didn't really proof-read. However, the typos are not bad enough to detract from the story, which is such a lovely and unusual idea; I really wish that more people would write BDSM-themed stories which really think about dynamics and play on them in original ways, rather than only writing the stereotypical S&M story."[2]
"This was excellent. The whole idea was really interesting and your characterisations were spot on. Your prose was really amusing too."[3]
"i LOVE this! such an interesting idea, and done so well. Cain's reaction to DG refusing to be allowed to be tied to the bed is both awesome and hot. and seriously, everyone's reaction to her having no idea of the "rules" is hilarious. and her royal smackdown of whatshisname is FABULOUS."[4]
"amazing! I have a little kink for dub/dom stuff. And you got my fluffy feelings for it out on spot. I love the way you never lost the characterisation for anyone!-cheers-"[5]
"I normally don't read S/D type fics because I don't really get it (small town upbringing you know). However, I love this fic. It is not in your face with the S/D themes, and it flows beautifully. I probably read it at least once or twice a week just for the sheer enjoyment of seeing the characters in my mind. At first I wanted a more physical response between DG and Cain, but as I have thought on it, it really works well the way it is now. I thank you for writing something that can take me away to another place."[6]


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