What He Did for Love

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: What He Did for Love
Author(s): Jean Gabriel
Date(s): 1991
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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What He Did for Love is a K/S story by Jean Gabriel.

It was published in the print zine As I Do Thee #17.


"Spock is to be the leader of the Vulcan Brotherhood and, as such, must have an appropriate bondmate. But that bondmate must come to him of his own accord."

Reactions and Reviews

This was a true first time love story. Their love for each other, and the acknowledging of it, was the only plot. I especially enjoyed the story from the part where Kirk joined Spock three days into their leave. [1]

In the opening, Commander Spock is standing in the rec room door, searching for Kirk's beloved face. Wanting so badly to talk to him and ask him to be his mate. But McCoy is there and Spock can't be bothered with another argument; he wants to wait till the CMO leaves and then simply invite his captain to come to his cabin for chess that night. Sounds easy, but Spock's been putting it off, constrained from asking Captain Kirk outright to be his life mate. The reason? There are Warrior - brotherhood representatives aboard the Enterprise, Stelon and Sorel. T'Pau herself had requested that the ship divert from course to meet a Vulcan shuttle and pick up the two men to take them to Earth. They have informed him that he must bond, and soon. Further, the offer to bond must come from the chosen mate, not from Spock, in order to insure that it is the chosen one's idea, that he is sincere and not just succumbing to Spock's power and status in the brotherhood, whatever that is. And as if Kirk even knew what the brotherhood was, I thought.

McCoy figures irritatingly in this from the start. He succeeds in insulting everyone right away including the two Vulcans, Spock and this reader. He goes around innuendo-ing and being downright mean. He seems to get his feathers ruffled more easily than usual here and comes off as a little prejudiced too. He doesn't like being excluded from anything. I never could understand how Spock kept from smacking him. His apologies didn't cover it for me.

Here's where I find out what the brotherhood is: a once powerful but still important group with a vital voice in their government. Sort of like a political party. In adolescence Spock had joined it, never thinking that he might one day be required to head the clan and take a mate, a male. Even being bonded to T'Pring didn't preclude him from becoming a member. In any case, now his cousin, Scalian, who was the last in line to 'rule' has died in an aircar accident so Spock has a month to choose his mate. He knows who he wants of course, Kirk, but how to get his 'golden' captain to pop the question. Here's where the fun comes in.

Where else but over chess? Spock succeeds in getting Kirk to his cabin for a game that night. Through their thoughts we find that they're crazy for each other. There's a little romantic daydreaming by Spock, then later he uncharacteristically asks personal questions of his intended. Kirk is shocked but reveals his innermost desire to have a certain someone in a permanent relationship, not naming anyone special. Two days later, Spock was still waiting for Jim to come to him, in vain. There's a lovely scene in the arboretum, one of the few places Spock can relax. It's charming, Spock recalling seeing his captain's compact body lying on the grass one day, sprawled out. And how Spock had stretched out beside him. A nice, warm memory.

As Spock sits, the two bonded Vulcans come in, questioning him about his intended. In the act, one of the men, Stelon, touches Spock's arm. Who should come inside the doorway but Kirk? Sees the gesture and gets jealous, berates himself for feeling such an emotion. He's glad no one saw him, at least. He was wrong, Spock had heard the unmistakable sound of Jim's footsteps, even on the soft grass. This is what gives him his idea to finally get Kirk to confess his love.

Later, Kirk goes planetside for R&R with McCoy, planning to meet Spock at his apartment in 3 days. Kirk is out tomcatting those intervening 3 days but gets sick of the beautiful bed partners he's had. (Me too!) Meanwhile Spock is waiting, not patiently, in his apartment Kirk at last rings the bell and walks in on Spock, wearing only a robe and entertaining one of the Vulcans, Stelon, in the same dishabile. [sic] Kirk takes in the scene, can't believe it The mood of the story leaps into something powerful and ecstatic—a perfectly hot scene which I loved. For jealousy rules Kirk and in the ensuing stinging words between them, all their true thoughts and feelings find expression. They confess their mutual needs, their deep love, and they make love—wonderful love

It is Kirk's first time with a man and he gives a peak performance! The love scene is warm and tender, and don't forget sultry. It was a lovely long scene, as well, with 4 or 5 melds, a fact which has the effect of lighting up the fabric of the story for me. Happily, they became bonded spontaneously. I love that!. One thing, though, I had a difficult time believing that Spock had had many male lovers before and had to 'teach' his bondmate. Didn't ring true to me. But who cares? That"s a small quibble for such a fun story. Sweet, just complicated enough, and satisfying. [2]


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