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Name: Welcome to the Sentinel Fandom
Owner/Maintainer: Robyn
Dates: Created 1997; last updated 11 April 2003; going down Oct 2009
Type: Newbie introduction, resource site
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/8097/sentinelfan/ (Wayback)
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Welcome to the Sentinel Fandom was a site to "welcome new viewers and fans of The Sentinel and to function as an informal 'How to' introduction to getting involved in The Sentinel's on-line fandom"[1], created by Robyn.

Welcome to the Sentinel Fandom - Logo

The page was hosted by GeoCities and was part of the Sensory Overload site. For more GeoCities sites see the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.


The site consisted of five pages:

Welcome to the Sentinel Fandom - Front Page (partial)

The Front Page, which was about The Show and included:

  • Welcome
  • When and where to catch The Sentinel on TV
  • A brief description of the background story and lead characters
  • Information about TPTB (the makers of the show)
  • An overview of SOS and Sentinel AdGroup
  • A link to a separate list of Guest and Supporting Characters

Tapes, Autographs, Merchandise

  • Advice on how to get VHS episodes of the show (it had not then been officially released)
"Many Sentinel fans out there are usually willing to copy old taped episodes for new fans. The best thing to do is to post a request on a major mailing list such as Cascade Times or Sentinel Angst or on the newsgroup, alt.tv.sentinel."
  • Fan Clubs and Actor Websites / Where to Write to Get Autographs
  • Merchandise
"Although Paramount has not produced official The Sentinel merchandise, there are still fun TS "extras" out there for fans, including glossy promo pictures and stills, videos, scripts, and even a CD. Some of the stuff (particularly pictures and souvenier items fans received while visiting the set in Vancouver while TS was still filming) comes up for sale on Ebay and often sells for high prices. Here's some of the stuff that's out there (happy hunting)."

TS on the Web

  • Links to general information sites, link pages, webrings, episode guides, transcripts, pictures, sounds and videos.
  • 10 "Tips for Sentinel-izing Your Webpage", beginning with
"1. First, you gotta have a page or know how to create one", and ending,
"10. Be proud! You've just made an important contribution to The Sentinel fandom!!!"[2]

Fan Community

Welcome to the Sentinel Fandom - Guide to fanfiction

Information on how to access mailing lists (Senfic, Cascade Times and Sentinel Angst), newsgroups, live chats, and lists of terminology and acronyms commonly used in Sentinel fandom.

Sentinel Fan Fiction

  • Fan Fiction - what it is, major archives
  • The Sentinel Virtual Seasons
  • Fanfic Mailing Lists
  • Fanzines
  • Fanfic Terminology (gen vs. slash, crossovers, canon vs. fanon, smarm)
  • Writing and Posting Fan Fiction


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