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Mailing List
Name: Senfic - A Sentinel gen fiction list
Date(s): 1998(?)-present (mostly inactive)
Moderators/List Maintainers: ?
Founder(s): Seah
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: Senfic info page (Wayback link)
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Senfic was a mailing list for the posting and discussion of gen Sentinel fanfic. It was preceded by The Raft.

Senfic accepted fics from ratings G-R without romantic or sexual content (either slash or het.) NC-17 fics were not permitted to avoid the need for requesting age statements. Posts were limited to 40Kb, so longer stories were posted in parts, sometimes as WIPs. [1]

The list was originally hosted on, later moved to yahoo. The current version of the list has archives going back to January 2003 (list membership required to access); previous list archives may not be available online, as list data was lost when crashed.[2]

Most of the posted fic was originally archived on Guide Posts, and is presently archived at the Cascade Library.


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  2. ^ "We did lose everything in Trickster's crash. The data, messages, the welcome message, the membership list etc." --Holly Davis in Senfic: ADMIN- Kinda <G> Just a welcome, Jan 27 2003 (accessed 1/2009)