The Raft

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Mailing List
Name: The Raft
Date(s): 1996 to sometime in 1999 (was gone by October 1999 for sure)
Moderators/List Maintainers: Ursula and Moniker, Alakazam (Kaz)
Founder(s): Ursula and Moniker
Fandom: The Sentinel
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The Raft was a Sentinel mailing list.

"Discussion list for fans who enjoy more in-depth analysis of Sentinel-related topics. Minors and "adult" discussion are equally discouraged."

Much meta was posted to this list, including the famous essay No More Sentinel? by Kaz, later reposted with permission on June 23, 1999 to Senfic.

From the FAQ

The "TS Raft" is a general discussion list for the UPN television show, The Sentinel.

This list was created for people who enjoy more in depth discussions on all sorts of subjects related to The Sentinel -- the characters, the "subtext" of the episodes, series trends, the science and history of the show, fandom and fanfic -- basically, we like to talk a lot, and all that enthusiasm needed an outlet. There is such a rich tapestry to The Sentinel universe and we were keen to plumb those depths without taking up time and space on existing lists or irc channels.

Why "the raft" you ask?

The raft began as a small chat group for people keen to discuss episodes and characterizations in depth. We realized that there were a lot of like minds out there, and we started fishing people out of the swirling current and pulling them aboard. So we became "the raft".


Our only list rule is that "everybody deserves respect", including our fellow listers and the subjects of our discussion. We hope this list can be self-regulating within that simple guideline. So post away...we sink or swim on our own merits.


When new episodes are screening we ask that people remember to identify posts about new or upcoming episodes by including a Spoiler Warning IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

To account for viewers in different time zones across the US and Canada, a Spoiler Warning should stay in force for each new episode till the following Wednesday, to give everyone a chance to see it in blissful ignorance (if they so choose).

Those of us in other countries are only accountable for spoiling ourselves.[1]