Weight of the World

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Title: Weight of the World
Author(s): Analise
Date(s): 2001 (online), 2005 (print zine)
Length: 50,000 words
Genre: het, angst, action/adventure
Fandom: Farscape
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fanfic cover for online version by analise

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Weight of the World is a John/Aeryn AU written and illustrated by Analise.

Summary: "On an Earth devastated and occupied by Peacekeepers, Crichton struggles to retake his world and his own sanity."

Author Notes:
"As usual, this turned out to be a lot more work than I had planned. Funny how that works. The original story was actually three parts, but I ended up only using the last part, not just for brevity, but because it turned out the initial extra 300 pages were unecessary to the story I really wanted to tell. Yeah, this is an Alt-Universe. Just letting you know in case you, for whatever strange reason, don't like that sort of thing. Of course, its always possible that it won't end up being AU, but that's pretty unlikely."

The story won the 2002 Farscape Fanfic Awards in the categories "Best Original Plot" and "Best Drama" and got an honorable mention in the category "Best Alternate Universe/Future Fic".[1]

It was republished in 2005 as a fanzine with analise's own illustrations.

Fanzine Summary

From Agent With Style: "This novella explores an Earth that has been overrun and is now occupied by Peacekeepers. John Crighton, so famous and infamous in rumors whispered among the resisting humans that many don't even believe he exists, runs a small group of mercenaries who are determined to take back Earth and rid their planet of the Peacekeepers once and for all. And it's a great plan, with every chance of working...until Scorpius shows up...."

Zine Art


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