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We are a Fandom blessed was the phrase created by Teri Meyer and used in the letterzine Interstat. It originated as a way to state appreciation regarding news about the second Star Trek: TOS movie. Later, it was used by fans to express their appreciation about receiving additional Trek canon as well as a general satisfaction with their fandom in general.

the first use of the term, illustration from issue Interstat #71 (September 1983) by Mike Brown
from Interstat #85 (November 1984)

Examples of Use

Barbara P. G, a fan who'd contributed many letters to Interstat, was unhappy with the term, stating that Teri Meyer overspoke for all of fandom. In her last letter to Interstat, Barbara P. G wrote:
Did I ever say that you don't have a right to state your opinions about anything??? Of course not! However, I do believe that you have an obligation to make it absolutely clear that they are only your opinions. For one thing, even if all you say is "We are a fandom blessed!" (in big, bold type, on the first page of an issue!), you should sign your comment, like every other writer. Can't you see that you are giving unfair weight and importance to your own feelings about something—which are certainly not shared by everyone? In the past, you almost never made comments—not until Harve Bennett and TWOK. If you are going to throw your hat into the ring, you gotta take your knocks, like everyone else! [1]
From Jan M. M wrote:
I could write twice as much on that, but I'm sure we all agree: the performance by the cast were fabulous! Superior!! The chances that the "minor" characters finally had to strut their stuff - sensational, always to be treasured. I wish I had the time to praise each one individually as they deserve. In that, we are a fandom blessed. [2]
Megan R. J wrote:
Our fandom's blessing runneth over, indeed! Even the whales must be echoing with joy! [3] [4]


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  3. "the whales" is a reference to the fourth Star Trek movie
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