War Crimes

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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: War Crimes
Author(s): Sue Love (VoyWriter)
Date(s): 1996
Length: 7,400 words
Genre: gen fanfiction
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
External Links: War Crimes (alt.startrek.creative)
War Crimes (author page? 1998 link)
War Crimes (VoyWriter's Story Page)

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War Crimes is a Star Trek: VOY story by Sue Love aka VoyWriter.

Summary:Rated PG. Chakotay is charged with war crimes after Suder's personal logs implicate him in torture of the Cardassians during his Maquis days. This is a Maquis story told to Janeway by Chakotay from the brig where she has confined him. (post Basics II).

Reactions and Reviews

Sue's discussion of Chakotay's dark past in the Maquis is one of the most compelling treatments of his character that I have read. I also very much enjoyed the other stories (The Interview, and the C/P stories that Sue and Michelle both wrote). Chakotay *needs* a backstory like this. Let's give the first officer some angst! [1]
This was a very interesting story and well-written, though I would like to have seen it developed some more. The only thing I have a real problem is technical stuff. Don't forget to use quotes when characters are talking. It can be rather distracting, not to mention you might not know when they are talking and when they are just thinking. Looking forward to reading more of your stories. [2]
Sue Love's "War Crimes" (which was excellent, by the way; very thought provoking and I liked that the ending [wasn't] all tied up with a neat little bow) got me to thinking about Kira Nerys on DS9. She's an ex-terrorist - says so herself. I don't recall that she called herself a freedom fighter; she called herself a terrorist. "Terrorist" and "freedom fighter" have very different connotations (unless, I suppose, you're on the inside looking out) and I imagine that in her former role of terrorist she's committed a few war crimes herself. This is something that never seems to come up on tv - it's as if the folks on DS9 couldn't care less that she was a terrorist and probably did terrible things, since she was a Bajoran doing them to Cardassians, not vice versa. Personally, I think TPTB used a poor word choice when they picked "terrorist". Anyway, my question is: has anyone written any fanfic dealing with this issue, and if they have, where can I find it? [3]
Thanks much for the story "War Crimes"! That's the sort of thing Voyager should be doing with the Maquis/Fed relationship. Instead, the only story about Maquis issues after the first couple episodes was Learning Curve -- hardly very deep. The impression we've gotten since then is the Maquis was just some elite group that came up with various fighting and flying "tricks." I appreciate your delving into their darker side, and the subltety of their relationship with Fed authorities (including Janeway and Tuvok). Good job! [4]
[War Crimes] is probably my favorite of Sue's pieces. It's dark, complex and doesn't shy from dealing with hard issues, and the whole "maquis" question in Chakotay's past. If I had to recommend one Sue Love story, "War Crimes" would be it. :) [5]
Today we'd like to recommend three fascinating stories about one of the most mistunderstood guys in fanfic: Chakotay. Yeah, so he's complacent and underdeveloped on the show, but he didn't have to be like that. For a more complex view of his character, and some excellent Maquis action, check out War Crimes by VoyWriter, Killing Time by YCD, and Truth and Dare by VoyWriter. (The stories form a loose series in the order listed.)[6]


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