Walk the Walk

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Vid Collection
Title: Walk the Walk: Using fandom to fight cancer and bring hope
Vidder(s): Chewing Gum for the Eyes Production
Date: 2007
Format: DVD
Fandom (s): Multiple Fandoms

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Walk the Walk is a two volume DVD set of fanvids assembled by members of Chewing Gum for the Eyes Production to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation. The members are: Chat Noir, Ctlrmonkee and Laura McEwan.

Volume 1

  • King of Birds by REM - Prison Break - Chat Noir
  • Wherever Will You Go by the Calling - Star Trek: Enterprise - Chat Noir
  • One Last Breath by Creed - Supernatural - Ctrlmonkee
  • Holding Out For A Hero by Jennifer Saunders - Stargate SG1 - Chat Noir
  • Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol - Prison Break - Chat Noir
  • Don't Lay Down by Catie Curtis - Supernatural - Chat Noir
  • Silver and Gold by A.F.I. - Heroes - Chat Noir
  • The Space Between by Dave Matthews Band - Starsky & Hutch - Laura McEwan
  • Lost in the Darkness by Robert Cuccioli - ? - ?
  • You Raise Me Up - Lord of the Rings - Chat Noir
  • Angel by Jon Secada - Prison Break - Chat Noir
  • You're My Best Friend - Starsky & Hutch - Laura McEwan

Volume 2

  • Sleep Now in the Fire by Rage Against the machine - Prison Berak - Chat Noir
  • Real Good Man by Tom McCrae - Supernatural - Ctrlmonkee
  • Why Does the Sun Shine? by They Might Be Giants - Star Trek Enterprise - Chat Noir
  • Last Night I Dreamt by the Smiths - Harry Potter - Chat Noir
  • Won't Let You Down by Keith Urban - Supernatural - Ctrlmonkee
  • All I Know by John Ondrasik - Prison Break - Chat Noir
  • Tubthumping by Chumbawamba - Starsky & Hutch - Laura McEwan
  • Be Thou My Vision by Ginny Owens - Lord of the Rings - Chat Noir
  • Because of You by Kelly Clarkson - Smallville - Chat Noir
  • I Will Follow You into the Dark by Death cab for Cutie - Starsky & Hutch - Laura McEwan
  • If You Want me To by Ginny Owen - Lord of the Rings - Chat Noir