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Filk Album
Album Title: Wackademia
Producer: Unlikely Publications, THOR Records
Type: Studio
Date: 1989
Medium: CD
Fandom: Academia, Science
Performer(s): Dr. Jane & the Primordial Ooze
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Wackademia is a recording of filk and original music by Jane Robinson, with one by Dave Van Ronk.

Wackademia album cover

The last song has guest vocals by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Elizabeth Waters.

"Drivel" was nominated three times for Pegasus awards--in 1999 for Best Fool Song, in 1997 for Best Science Song, and in 1989 for Best Techie Song.[1]

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Comments

Wackademia was summarized in a June 1989 MZB Enterprises flyer as "A group of very funny songs about science and academia, by Dr. Jane and the Primordial Oohz. Cassette $11.00; Lyric/chord book $5.00.":

Bradley herself commented:
Well, I've finally found some modern music this back number likes. Believe it or not, I really enjoyed a group of rock musicians who call themselves "Doctor Jane and the Primordial Oohz" and whose synthesizer player is my son Patrick. Actually there are two Patricks in the Oohz in addition to Dr. Jane, my foster-son Kristoph, and Cynthia McQuillin, whom some of you may remember from THE KEEPER'S PRICE. And I actually sang backup on one of the songs on their new tape, WACKADEMIA. (We will be carrying both the tape and the lyric/chord book; see order form.) Much as I love Jane Robinson and her music, I still turn the volume down when I listen to it. I frequently wish we had a law like England's, where the playing of any radio audible to the general public is punishable by a fifty pound fine. I despise noise pollution no less than any other pollution. [2]


  • acoustic guitar: Jane Robinson
  • bass and drums: Patrick McKenna
  • electric guitar and slide guitar: Kristoph Klover (Marion Zimmer Bradley's foster son)
  • assistant engineer: Kristoph Klover
  • engineer: Chrys Thorsen
  • guest guitar: Chrys Thorsen
  • lead vocals: Jane Robinson
  • miscellaneous support: Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • producer: Chrys Thorsen
  • vocals: Patrick Breen, Kristoph Klover, Cynthia McQuillin

Track Listing

  • 1. The "I Don't Know It" Blues
  • 2. We Can't Find... (the creature in Loch Ness)
  • 3. Drivel, composer Dave Van Ronk (1962)
  • 4. Aria In Ape Flat Minor
  • 5. Anthem to Bureaucracy
  • 6. The Overflowin' Catbox Blues
  • 7. Dooda Rock Rock
  • 8. Song of the Middle Manager
  • 9. The Empirical Strikes Back
  • 10. Battle With the Elements
  • 11. (A Scientist Takes) A Look at Things That Don't Exist: guest vocals: Marion Zimmer Bradley and Elizabeth Waters


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