Virtual Meridian

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Name: Virtual Meridian
Dates: 2000 or before - 2001 (last update) or 2003 (last Wayback capture)
Type: author page
Fandom: Due South, Star Wars
URL: (Wayback link)
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Virtual Meridian is a fansite with Due South fanfiction, fun stuff and links. It also hosts original fiction based on the characters in the film Night Watch.

The Due South section of the page is described on the main page as Vintage Vecchio - due South fan fiction dedicated to the One True Ray. On the due South subpage itself it says, "Pairing: Vecchio/Fraser. I shouldn't even have to say this, because that *is* the only true pair."[1]

The site was a member of the Fraser/Vecchio Webring, the Sam Browne Belt webring, the Tuktoyaktuk Travelling Library, the Pretty Boy Slash Webring, the Authors of Erotica ring, and the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.[2]

The page was linked in The Fan Fiction Directory as Nona's Chambers[3] but the oldest Wayback capture is already a note that the page has moved, including a link to the Virtual Meridian page.[4] Nona's Chambers was also linked at Jedi Discipline as a Star Wars fanfiction site.[5]



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