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Name: The Vidder Weekly: Your Week in Vidding
Date(s): created on 2005-11-26 22:12:23 - last updated 2006-04-09
Moderator: permataform
Fandom: Vidding
URL: The Vidder Weekly

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The Vidder Weekly was a Livejournal newsletter with a focus of new music videos and vidding meta. It ran for nine issues and was replaced by par avion's veni-vidi-vids vidding newsletter.

Issues 1

Article: Spotlight

Issue: One / Article: Spotlight was published January 9, 2006 and can be found here.[1] Among the meta discussed was Beat/Cutting/Clip Length: by obsessive24 who "posed a question about cutting to a trip-hop song, and the discussion took many turns, one of them toward fast cutting vs. slow cutting."[2]

New Vids

Issue: One / Article: New Vids was published January 12, 2006 and included "all videos posted (limit one vid per vidder per issue--which generally translates to the most recent vid posted) since January 1st, 2005." A copy can be found here.[3]


Issue: One / Article: Meta aas published January 14, 2006 and "attempts to give a summary of questions and thoughts (meta) that've popped up in vidding fandom."

Starting Up

  • Video Editing Resources (xf_fanfilm). "How to get started: Video Editing Resources"
  • I have a question (caivouroslamb). "I'm new here and I was just wondering what is the best way to create a video of any sort."
  • Buying a Mac (ghost_lingering). "what the hardware essentials are for video editing..."
  • Recs for freeware/shareware editing programs (ophelias_lament).`editing programs that are free-to-try, freeware, shareware, etc. (Windows XP)
  • Editing program recs (outonpyrrole).`recs for editing programs (Windows)


  • Tutorial: Ripping using DVD shrink (xf_fanfilm).`"An easy, step-by-step guide to ripping DVDs to begin making your music video."
  • Tutorial: How to Rip and Encode a DVD (xf_fanfilm). "How to Rip and Encode a DVD Using XMPEG"
  • frame rate and Adobe Premiere 6 (par_tay). 23.98 fps versus 29.97 fps, and mixing and matching framerates
  • Newbie Needs Help (pinkmarshmello). how to get DVD source into WMM
  • Converting from VOB to AVI or MPEG (bananners). ie. what you need to do after ripping the .vob from DVDs
  • Avoiding Commentary and Foreign Language Tracks (ophelias_lament). How to avoid audio when ripping source from DVDs
  • Audio and video (thirdblindmouse). "using MacTheRipper to rip DVD chapters for vidding, and they've always come out soundless [...] But now I want to get some clips with the original sound"

Troubleshooting: Windows Movie Maker

  • Problems with WMM (mindlessdork). dragging clip to storyboard causes crash
  • WMM help! (bethy_beth). collasped timeline in WMM
  • First Songvid (trinity79). problems saving in WMM

Troubleshooting: Adobe Premiere Pro ~

  • Simple Tutorial to Resize and Crop video in Adobe Premiere 7 or later (xf_fanfilm). "how to resize and crop video and clips in Adobe Premiere 7.0 or later"

Sound and Music ~

  • iTunes mpeg4 >> mp3 (mindlessdork). question on converting iTunes to mp3s
  • Audio Question followed by a "Motion" question in Adobe Premier (thestalkycop). the audio/video get out of sync
  • Tutorial: Tips on choosing the right music for your video (xf_fanfilm). "Choosing the right music for your music video can take weeks. To simplify (or complicate) your decision, here is a list of criteria for your choice in music, and depending on your style, it may affect your overall mood, tone, and narration."
  • cutting and synching (commodorified). "Ye Olde Lighting Tech's Guide To Cutting And Synching Footage"
  • Avoiding Commentary and Foreign Language Tracks (ophelias_lament). How to avoid audio when ripping source from DVDs
  • Audio and video (thirdblindmouse). "using MacTheRipper to rip DVD chapters for vidding, and they've always come out soundless [...] But now I want to get some clips with the original sound"

Vidding As A Process

  • Thoughts on vidding (z_rayne) - I love vidding. I've come (relatively) recently to it as a form of creative expression; I've only been vidding for about seven years, while I've been writing since I was a child. As much as I love it, though, I always feel like I'm working at it through a handicap: like a blind painter or a deaf musician. Because my technical knowledge of music is...well, pretty minimal. (With good responses in the comments)
  • vid structure and the process of vidding, revisited (heresluck) - Just about a year ago, sockkpuppett and I had a chat about vid structure and the process of vidding. Of course that was right in the middle of my vidding hiatus, so I couldn't really do anything with the insights I gained from that conversation. But apparently I retained it, despite not consciously remembering it, because yesterday, while working on the Serenity vid, I looked at how I was filling in the blanks and thought "I think Lum and I had a conversation about this at some point."

Special Effects

  • Requesting assistance. (co_child013). masking in Adobe Premiere 6

Exporting for Web ~

  • Adobe Premiere 6.5 - export size? (nicole_anell). compressing web-friendly file in Premiere
  • compressing wmv (foxestacado). reducing filesize
  • Joining or Fusing two .rm or .wmv files? (foxestacado). using Adobe Premiere Pro, for export

Releasing Vids on the Web ~

  • Vid Download Poll (laurashapiro). "I want to get a feel for what viewers, and vidders, are looking for these days in terms of file size and file format. Hence, this poll."
  • Temporary File-Sharing Services (xf_fanfilm). "A list of temporary file-sharing services"
  • Tutorial: Making a Watermark (xf_fanfilm). "How to watermark your video clips"

Vid Searches ~

  • Vidding question (vid recs) (linzeestyle).Looking for "good music videos to shows with very little action".
  • Looking for Angel and Firefly/Serenity vids (sockkpuppett). "...if you have or know of a vidder who has done some of your favorite Angel and/or Firefly vids, will you please comment here with info?"

Misc. ~

  • sdwolfpup last year made a series of vidlets-to-order, an Insane January Vidding Project (IJVP), to teach herself Final Cut Pro and some good meta arose from it. It's happening again this year, with multiple participants...
    • sdwolfpup - IJVP #1: "Jesus Walks" (Braveheart)
    • IJVP #2: "Head Over Feet" (Angel, Wes/Cor)
    • IJVP #3: "Rain Come Down" (BSG)
    • IJVP #4: "Not So Usual" (Firefly)
    • IJVP #5: "Just A Toy" (BtVS),
    • IJVP #6: "More" (Horatio Hoblower)
    • pipsqueaky - IJVP #1: "The Moth" (Gone With the Wind)
    • dualbunny - IJVP #1: "A Place In Time" (Doctor Who - 2005)
    • IJVP #2: "Black Black Heart" (BtVS & AtS),
    • f1renze - IAVP #1: "My Band" (AtS)
    • IAVP #2: "Cold Cold Heart" (Angel/Lindsey)
    • IAVP #3: "Love Is Nothing" (Fred/Gunn)

Issue 2

Article: Spotlight

Issue: Two / Article: Spotlight was published January 16, 2006 and focused on an essay written by heresluck: Notes On Narratives In A Vidding Context.[4] The essay "attempts to define what 'narrative' means for a vidder, and in the process makes distinctions between narrative, argument, and lyric driven vid structures." The article can be read here.[5]

New Vids

Issue: Two / Article: New Vids was published January 19, 2006 and can be read here.[6]


Issue: Two / Article: Meta was published January 22, 2006 and can be read here[7]

Ripping ~

Troubleshooting: Adobe Premiere Pro

Vidding As A Process ~

Special Effects ~

Exporting for Web ~

Vid Review/Commentary ~

~ Misc. ~

Issue Three

Article: Spotlight

Issue: Three / Article: Spotlight was published January 23, 2006 and can be read here.[8] Topic: On Effect Usage: sdwolfpup has questions on when to use effects.[9]

Article: New Vids

Issue: Three / Article: New Vids was published January 28, 2006 and can be read here.[10]


Issue: Three / Article: Meta was published January 30, 2006 and can be read here.[11]

~ General Tutorials ~

  • My Video Problems: Tutorials -Some of them are general ones, others are written for specific areas or programmes, such as Microsoft Movie Maker.
  • DV in Education: Downloads - iMovie 3 Tutorial
  • Making AMV's with iMovie (by Dennis 'Kirin' Ramos) - If you're one of those people living in the 10 percent of the computer world, like myself, then you'd probably know that the software we use works a little differently compared to people living in the Windows-based world. But differences aside, there are ways of getting things done on a Mac ... sometimes, it just requires a different way of thinking.


Troubleshooting: Adobe Premiere Pro ~

  • Premiere Pro question by melibabe - "What are the best settings to use for a new project that will use episode .avis and .mp3 files?"

Troubleshooting: General Mac ~

  • .AVI Files on a Macintosh? by mirnell - "I have been trying to play .avi file vids on my computer, and although I now have video, I still have no sound."
  • program advice by jmtorres- "I have all these lovely, lovely divx avi's from the internet that look absolutely wretched when I convert them to DV for iMovie. What applications are there out there that would let me vid with the avi's? Or at least with movs in my choice of codec?"
  • AVI to anything else by jackiekjono- "How to transfer .avi files to a different format on a Mac"

~ Troubleshooting: MPEGStreamclip ~

"MPEGStreamclip 1.5 has added the ability to grab a DiVx avi file, snip a small clip, and then export it into a format that either IMovie or FCE/FCP can read."

~ Troubleshooting: iMovie ~

  • Converting clips for iMovie by violette-b- "I'm trying to make a fanvid using iMovie. I have all the clips in .wmv format, but I need to convert them into .avi or whichever file types will work on iMovie."
  • iMovie clips by catch-me-first - "I want to be able to use the clips I've cut in other projects, but whenever I try to copy one of the cut clips and paste it into a new project (or a folder on the computer) it pastes the entire thing"

~ Troubleshooting: Final Cut Express ~

  • Trouble cropping in Final Cut Express by drgnfille - "In FCE, I apply the desired croppage via the Motion tab, and it *is* applied, but it won't output the footage as cropped, even when I render the video."

~ Vidding As A Process ~

~ Special Effects ~

free iMovie Plugins

free iMovie Plugins

~ Exporting/Encoding ~

~ Vid Review/Commentary ~


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