Victim of Love

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Title: Victim of Love
Author(s): Daley Kelly
Date(s): April 1991
Length: 4 pages
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Victim of Love is a Blake's 7 Avon/Vila story by Daley Kelly.

It was published in Southern Comfort #6.5

Reactions and Reviews


disclaimer: while i genuinely think this fic is bad, i mostly hate it because i love blake and this fic does not love blake.

with that warning out the way, let's progress to a discussion of what happens.

... it's series 3 (i think). and avon is up late reading, and vila arrives - crying (oh dear, i thought. is this going to be bad? it was worse than i could have imagined). he just wants to talk... oh, and get back with avon, who callously dumped him for blake some time previously. avon says - i thought it was just casual sex with you, and vila is like 'no, i true loved you! but i know you true loved blake' and avon says...

"I was becoming too dependent on you. I needed with you with me and I worried when you weren't. You became too... distracting to me. I didn't know how to break it off and I knew I had to, even though I never wanted to."...
"When Blake made the - overture, I thought perhaps it was the time to move onto other things... I thought that with Blake, I could use it as a means of controlling him. He was becoming obsessive and I hoped to use my relationship with him to keep him in check. However, it backfired. He became obsessive and posessive with me. Once he believe I had resumed my relationship wit you and he set out to teach you a lesson. I managed to intervene just in time when I realised what he was about.
"He used my relationship with him as a lever -as blackmail- because he believed that by going to bed with me I'd acquiesed and would now follow him blindly. Blake got worse, as you probably noticed, and I believe that was my fault. I tried to break it of with him, but then he would threaten you or the others." Avon smiled. "Blake could always see through me when no one else could. He knew the importance of the others to me. They meant nothing to him except as sheep following the shepherd." Avon stopped and stared at Vila.
Vila watched him for a moment then sighed. "Why'd you tell me all this?"
Avon grinned. "You don't believe me."

NO, I DON'T, i shouted angrily at the screen. AND ALSO HOW DARE YOU? HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT?

remember how angry 'trust, like the soul' made me? well, this makes me way more angry, because at least in TLtS, cally and avon and vila were insulting blake because he was too keen on rebellion. what i didn't like was that they were all sitting around saying it, and talking about how blake feared avon... (i do still hate it). this is much worse because now we're flat out calling him the sort of man who would throw someone out of an airlock for MAYBE sleeping with a man he presumably doesn't even like. and the sanctimonious way avon is like 'i think it was probably my fault. i was too sexual and it just made him go crazy' drives me crazy, avon. ugh. i hate it so much. fuck you, writer. just fuck you.

why is blake even in so many avon/vila stories? is this what i am doing with anna in mine? if so, i don't mean to and should really stop. we don't need to prove that avon's better off with his new shagging partner - couldn't he just be with vila, if that's what you want? if you think avon loves vila then you don't even need to bother with blake. you've clearly watched the show and thought 'avon does not love blake, he loves vila', so who needs to be convinced? don't mention blake. i don't understand why you'd bother to do this to me. and once again i'd like to say - fuck you. [1]


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