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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: viXen's den
Author: viXen
Dates: (?) 2001 - 2009
Fandom: X-Files
URL: GeoCities, archive link; Reocities copy
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ViXen's den - welcome (20091009).png

viXen's fanfic website, viXen's Den, is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.

What is fanfic, you ask?

Fanfic is an addiction. An addiction for reader and writer.

Come, join me in the addiction.

Welcome to my den. Here is where my small collection of MSR fanfic lies in wait. Nothing fancy. Just a few text files filled with some good lovin'.

A warning, though: The stories on this site are rated NC-17 for a reason. Please, if you are under 18, feed your addiction elsewhere.

Speaking of addictions -- feedback is always appreciated. Always.

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