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Pairing: VH1/AfterElton
Alternative name(s): Vhelton, VHElton
Gender category: Meta
Fandom: Other
Canonical?: non-canonical
Prevalence: fandom OTP
Archives: none
Other: crack, incest
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Vhelton is a fictional meta pairing born and cultivated primarily on Tumblr. It involves anthropomorphized versions of websites VH1 and AfterElton, with a specific focus on their official Tumblr accounts.[1][2]

Backstory of the Pairing

Vhelton was born after the controversy resulted after EW's PopWatch refused to include Sterek in their Summer TV Awards in the TV couples you're shipping like crazy category. AfterElton began a hugely popular Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney[3].

During that time a Tumblr user asked VH1 who is their favorite character, and they asked in return if they are allowed to consider Sterek a character.

Then this Tumblr conversation happened:

afterelton: Sterek would find it rude if you didn’t, VH1. Have you voted on the Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament yet?

vh1: Oh don’t you worry, AfterElton. We’re voting until our fingers bleed.

afterelton: Sterek is pleased with you, VH1. Very pleased.

emony: Is anyone else starting to ship VH1/AfterElton? Or Vhelton, as I call it.

vh1: Vhelton sounds delicious. We anxiously await the fanfic.

afterelton: I wonder if Vhelton will make the tournament next year? Better make the slash hot!

entertainmentweekly: we're blushing.

afterelton: Like a proud matchmaker? After all, EW helped inspire all this shipping.

teenwolf: BRB shipping Vhelton like there’s no tomorrow. So many feels.

afterelton: now Teen Wolf is shipping Vhelton. I wonder if we can double date with Sterek?

Fandom Response

The most spectacular is the response of the Tumblr fandom, Teen Wolf fans in particular. The pairing struck a chord with the fans and the open acceptance and welcoming approach of the two websites involved only added to the enthusiasm.

Tumblr user Suzvoy wrote the very first fanfic in the fandom. Other fans contributed with fanart.

Tumblr tag Vhelton [4] is currently the main hangout for the Vhelton fandom.

Vhelton Verse

The fans didn't stop at shipping Vhelton. They have expanded it into an entire universe, where the character VH1 and AfterElton attend highschool. Other prominent students there are DailyDot[5], AfterEllen, Sterek (with his bodyguard TeenWolf) and EW (who's jealous of Sterek's popularity)[6].



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