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Name/s: Shivohn Songbreeze
Fandom/s: current ones Harry Potter, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek (2009), Marvel Comics, Lewis, Sherlock (BBC)
You can find me at:
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

To Do List

  • Work on James T. Kirk (TOS) page
  • Get all the KS Zines updated (which will be an ongoing process)
  • The Trek big bangs
STBB 2010
STBB 2011
STRBB 2010
STRBB 2011
STRBB 2012
  • K/S fandom history
  • Update communities/etc on both TOS and 2009 for K/S
  • Fandom people (need to go talk to them beforehand though)
  • K/S fanfic tropes? Not sure
  • River Song
  • HP Fandom stuff
D/Hr stories circa 2000-2004
Early fandom comms (FAP, on FFN, LC, etc)
  • K-Dramas
  • Fansubs/Scanlations (various groups)
Various subbers associated?
  • Older anime/manga fandoms (Cowboy Bebop, Noir, LE, RuroKen, TM, Eva, Trigun, WR, etc)