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Name/s: shiningpaperclip
Fandom/s: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Word of Honor, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Wolf
You can find me at:
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I'm part of the Policy and Admin team here on Fanlore. Reach out to me or another admin (or gardener) if you need any help or have questions!

I first got into fandom with Harry Potter, where I wrote some stories that make me laugh when I look back at them. I dropped out of fandom for a while and bounced back in with Teen Wolf. Since then I jump in and out of fandoms and tend to pick up new series based on awesome fanworks and not the other way around. I've listed my current primary interests in fandom, but those can always change at a whim...

Some favourite tropes:

  • Found family
  • Secret reveal
  • Fix-its

Some favourite story types:

  • Modern with magic AU
  • Long heartbreaking fics
  • Short cute fics

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IFD 2024!

After all these years of awarding assorted badges, I'm going to finally make a real go at trying to get some badges XD Wish me luck!

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