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Name/s: SelfCloak
Fandom/s: Adventure Time, BanG Dream!, Katawa Shoujo, Doki Doki Literature Club, Life is Strange, Studio Ghibli, Star Wars
You can find me at: SelfCloak @ AO3
SelfCloak @ All The Tropes
SelfCloak @ Rate Your Music
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I'm an admin at All The Tropes.

Favorite fanfics

  • The Last Human (Ruby Sword, Adventure Time)
  • Luminosity and Radiance (Alicorn, Twilight)
  • Mean Time to Breakdown (Leaty, Katawa Shoujo)
  • Post-Credits (Elias_Pedro, DDLC)
  • Smoke break (BrittSama, DDLC) - The first half of it is amazing, the other half drops the ball completely.
  • Better Then (IsraelBlargh, Life is Strange)
  • Play Crack the Sky (MaiQueti and TomorrowHeart, Life is Strange)
  • On the Way to Greatness (mira mirth, Harry Potter)
  • Anomaly (okapifeathers, BanG Dream!)
  • Bearing the Weight of Happiness (DivineNoodles, BanG Dream!)
  • Reign of Silence (CureMoose, BanG Dream!)

Pairings I like

  • Harry/Luna
  • Harry/Hermione
  • Finn/Marceline (Adventure Time)
  • Sayori/Natsuki (DDLC)
  • Kate/Victoria (Life Is Strange)