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Name/s: Nora Charles
Fandom/s: Star Trek: TOS, Voyager, X-Files, The Sentinel, Due South, BtVS, TAXI, Smallville, Harry Potter, SGA, Supernatural, Torchwood
You can find me at: My LiveJournal Dystopia
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I have been in online fandom since 1996, when I started hanging out on alt.startrek.creative.

I became actively involved in fandom for the first time when I beta read a Chakotay/Paris story for Myrna, who was also the direct inspiration for my internet alias: "Nora Charles" in the movie The Thin Man was played by the actress Myrna Loy.

Since then I have beta read for Griffin Grimes in X-Files fandom, Deborah Hicks in Due South, Swtalmnd in Smallville, Ximeria in several different fandoms, and for a few other authors.

I read and edit primarily male/male slash, mostly in sci-fi/fantasy fandoms.

I have written a few stories myself, and in collaboration with Ximeria.