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Name/s: morganfm
Fandom/s: Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Rizzoli & Isles, Warehouse 13, Bones, Kim Possible, Wicked
You can find me at: AO3


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I'm 17, an avid fangirl, and very into meta.

I'm giving my high school senior thesis on the value of television as a quality form of creative media when actively engaged with, and advocating fan practices as a way of doing so.

I love making new friends!

Fannish History

I'm an active beta in the DW fandom (or basically any fandom if someone asks), I have written one chapter of fic, but unfortunately haven't had much time to continue since school started this year. I love reading, bookmarking, reviewing, reccing, watching, looking at, and making all kinds of fanworks!

Current Favorites

OUAT: SwanQueen (giggles) tumblr has ruined me, and I really don't care. Letters From War is an AMAZING fic that makes me cry real tears.

I also kinda ship Rizzles :)

And Bering & Wells XD

Also Doctor/River, Amy/Rory, and Ten/Donna. yay!

On Fanlore

I'm a link and grammar fixer fo sho, plus I'll probably go through some of my faves for correctness when I get free time. (I also need to work on paring down my canon content and beefing up my fandom content, apparently.)