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Name/s: MomeRath, Dae
Fandom/s: Hannibal, Labyrinth, The Sandman, Goncharov, Baldur's Gate III, many other assorted video game fandoms - I'm also an inveterate dabbler, but those are the ones I've been most active in recently and overall
You can find me at:
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I'm doing science, and I'm still alive.

About Me


I've been active in internet fandom in some form since about 2001, and then started writing fanfiction and otherwise becoming much more of a participant than a lurker in 2010. With more ephemeral online formats becoming the norm in recent years, I've developed a major interest in documenting and preserving fandom history. I particularly enjoy poor little meow meows, femslash, and Tumblr culture. If the character dynamics are not deeply fucked up in one way or another, I'm probably not very interested.

I am a member of the Fanlore Committee Policy & Admin team as of early 2022.

My fandom holy trinity: SALS, YKINMKATOK, DL;DR

Current PSAs

  • The Fanlore Committee is currently working on some template and template documentation overhauls - if you encounter a broken or hard-to-find template that you're used to using, or if you have feedback regarding template documentation, please contact us!

To-Do List

  • Expand Baldur's Gate 3 sub-pages
  • Finish updating Dragon*Con
  • Go absolutely ham on The Sandman character and ship pages
  • Write a Pillars of Eternity page - finally started it!
  • Write a Wayward Children page
  • Expand Elder Scrolls page
  • Clean up video game fandom organization
  • Figure out how to make sense of the Western VN and IF trend that's happening right now in terms of pages, and, well, do it

IFD Fanlore Challenge 2024

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Stub September 2023

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IFD Fanlore Challenge 2023

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Fanlore Bingo 2023

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