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Name/s: Math-is-Magic, Math, Mim, Mimsy
Fandom/s: Dreaming of Sunshine, Star Wars, MCU, Harry Potter, Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Yesterday Upon The Stair, Young Justice
You can find me at: Tumblr Unofficial Fanlore Discord Community
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Hi! I originally created this account to help a friend, and now I just sorta like to help her because we have lots of overlapping interests and she's Right that those things Need pages and that Fan History is super interesting and we should document our corners of Fandom. I'm still pretty new and not very good at this yet though.

Fannish History

Oh, gosh, I can't believe I'm going to admit this. The first major fannish activity I was involved in was dressing up for Harry Potter for literacy day/the new movies. But my real introduction to fandom-as-I-participate now is because at summer camp I ran out of books and one of my friends found a Twilight fanfiction archive that we could print out in 4 print font on our 8 pages/per day allowed printing and that could tide us over for another day.

By the time I was in High School was literally the reason I got my first smart phone, so I could always read fanfic, and eventually I got really sucked in to fandom participation because of tumblr and discord. I've written fics, I read LOTS of fics (I literally read fanfiction for media I've not seen, like Game of Thrones) and watch lots of vids I've gone to a few cons in costume. My big fannish contributions are being a mod for the main Dreaming of Sunshine Platforms and, I suppose contributing to articles here? Not that I've contributed much yet.

Current Favorites

I listed like, all of the fandoms that came to mind above. Dreaming of Sunshine's fandom is kinda my life right now. I'm always looking for good soulmate fics or tropes to play with, slow burn romances, gen (fantasy) politics-heavy fic, or media with ace characters, if anyone has any recommendations.

On Fanlore

I'm vaguely interested in making/improving/helping with these pages: