Star vs. the Forces of Evil

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Name: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Abbreviation(s): SVTFOE, Star Vs.
Creator: Daron Nefcy
Date(s): January 18, 2015 — May 19, 2019
Medium: television
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Official Site
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Star vs. the Forces of Evil is an animated adventure/comedy/fantasy series on Disney XD. It stars Star Butterfly, a magical princess from another dimension, and her adventures living on Earth.



  • Star Butterfly - Princess of Mewni
  • Marco Diaz - Star's best friend on Earth. His family is hosting Star while she stays on Earth.


  • Ludo - villain obsessed with stealing Star's wand
  • Buff Frog - minion of Ludo
  • Toffee - mysterious villain
  • Jackie - classmate of Star and Marco's, Marco's crush
  • Janna - classmate of Star and Marco's
  • Tom - Star's demon ex-boyfriend
  • Moon - Star's mother, Queen of Mewni
  • River - Star's father, King of Mewni
  • Eclipsa - Star's ancestor



The most popular (and canon) het pairing is Star/Marco, while the most popular slash pairing is Marco/Tom.

Many of the pairings in this fandom are referred to in portmanteau format.

Pairings Names

  • Star/Marco: Starco
  • Star/Tom: Tomstar, Startom
  • Marco/Tom: Tomco
  • Marco/Jackie: Jarco, Mackie
  • Janna/Tom: JanTom
  • Marco/Janna: Janco, Manna
  • Star/Janna: Janstar
  • Moon/Toffee: Moontoffee, Moonffee, Moonfee
  • Marco/Hekapoo: Markapoo, Marcapoo
  • Marco/Kelly: Kellco
  • Star/Jackie: Starkie, Starckie
  • Tom/Jackie: Tomkie
  • Moon/River: Moonriver, Rivermoon
  • Star/Tom/Marco: Startomco, Tomstarco, Stomco
  • Janna/Jackie: Jankie
  • Globgor/Eclipsa: Globclipsa
  • Star/Toffee: Starffee, Starfee
  • Toffee/Eclipsa: Toffipsa
  • Toffee/Marco: Toffco
  • Toffee/Rasticore: Tofficore
  • Ludo/Star: Lustar
  • Ludo/Toffee: Ludoffee
  • Moon/Eclipsa: Moonclipsa
  • Star/Eclipsa: Starclipsa

Fan theories


  • Monstar AU: AU where Star is the half-monster child of Moon and Toffee.



Fan Comics


Live Chats

There have been official live chats where fans could send in questions to the characters.

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