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Name/s: Franzeska, Franzi
Fandom/s: Is it cheesy? Does it have cops? Does it have COPS IN SPACE?!
You can find me at: Dreamwidth, Livejournal, AO3, Delicious, LibraryThing, Lang-8
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The same Franzeska as pretty much everywhere else.


I speak pretty decent Spanish and pretty rotten Japanese. I'm happy to help people decipher Japanese text. Just leave me a message on my talk page.

Me in Fandom

I use my real name online. (Hi, Mom.)

I like hammy, cheesy things, formerly mostly over-the-top shounen anime, currently mostly crime dramas. Wiseguy is my newest love, preceeded by Miami Vice, CSI: Miami, and piles and piles of others. I'm slowly working my way through all of the canons of the big zine fandoms.

I've never been a prolific writer, and I didn't do much organizing until I volunteered for OTW, but I've been hanging around fandom since junior high (in the mid-90's). Early on, I was mostly interested in canon discussions, and I was also a Sick Thing and a Spooky Kid (yes, I know, I know--though Urban Dictionary is all wrong about what that term meant). It wasn't until later that I got more interested in fanworks.

To Do List

Here are some things I think someone should do. If not me, then how about you?

  • Fix the Aestheticism page. One of the most important early English language resources on BL, and no one's done anything to document it?!
  • The Anklebiters Archive. Has this disappeared from the internet? Alas! We really must document the flowering of the Vampire Hobbits trend.
  • Baka Updates, Manga Updates, My Anime List, and other anime/manga/scanlation/fansub-oriented pages like that
  • SSA's info is out of date
  • Maybe something on the Three Investigators?
  • Anime/manga usenet groups
  • June, both the term and the magazine