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Name/s: Loren Leah
Fandom/s: Pandora Hearts, D.Gray-man, Vocaloid, anime/manga/games
You can find me at: sky @ dw (LJ mirror is here)
art: devart
fic: ao3 / ficblog / ffn (old)
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Not a lot to say, I guess... I'm 24, just finishing up college, and a huge fan of Asia's pop culture. I came to fandom via Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, and old Final Fantasy games back in the day; having always been rooted in Asian-media fandom, I don't know very much about fannish activities on the Western-media side, odd as that is considering I'm American :)

I speak Japanese and can translate J-to-E, so if you have any language questions working on a Japanese-fandom-related page, feel free to give me a shout!


こんな私ですが、どうかよろしくお願いします。m(_ _)m ペコリ