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Name/s: Djonn, John C. Bunnell
Fandom/s: Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, literary, filk
You can find me at: Dreamwidth, The Lone Penman
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I've been active in both the fan and professional SF/F communities for many years, and have long-standing interests in fanfic from a variety of perspectives. I was a participant in various interactive fiction projects on GEnie -- mostly original, but also in the sanctioned fic community therein that Mercedes Lackey was overseeing at the time.

Filk: I've written a scary number of filk lyrics, nearly all to existing tunes. "The Way to Mars" took second prize in a competition sponsored by the Mars Society.

Fanfiction: My Sherlock Holmes/Star Trek story, "The Adventure of the Unearthly Cat", appeared many moons ago in the printzine Holmesian Federation. I've also written or posted about fanfic in various venues over the years.

Live fandom: In the 1980s I was briefly involved with the Baycon concom, and was active in a couple of Oregon-based Doctor Who fan groups. I also began attending OryCon regularly and was attached to its concom intermittently for a number of years. I was a co-founder of a long-running SF/F book group based at the Beaverton Powell's Books location. More recently, I attended the first Left Coast Sherlock Holmes Symposium in 2019, and its virtual sequel in 2020. That's led to participation in an online book group focused on Holmes pastiches, and also to my joining the John H. Watson Society.

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