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Name/s: chanterelle
Fandom/s: So many.
You can find me at: N/A
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Multi-shipper and multi-fandom for going on 15 years! I've been writing fic since middle school (even if I didn't realize it at the time) and fandom is how I've met so many of my closest friends -- including my wife, which is just the coolest. Email is disabled, but feel free to reach out on my Talk page.

Areas of interest include: femslash, meta, rarepairs, microfandom and mid-sized fandoms. I've been involved in fandoms for anime and manga, cosplay, webcomics, video games, TV series, movies -- you name it. You'll see me hopping around lots of Fanlore pages, especially where Tumblr has been concerned! I'm particularly interested in how fannish conversations change over time, and I pride myself on being able to track down hard-to-find sources.

Fanlore Activities

Planning to help with the Tumblr Archiving project! See also my To Do list.

Events and Badges

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