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You might be looking for Urban Legends, a Supernatural archive.
Title: Urban Legends
Publisher: Vathara and Evil Overlady
Date(s): October 2002
Medium: online, print
Fandom: multimedia: Godzilla: the Series, Gargoyles, The Real Ghostbusters, Seven Days, Airwolf, Stargate: SG-1, Dungeons & Dragons, The Sentinel, Mutant X, Tremors, JAG, Something Is Out There, The Invisible Man, and Daredevil
Language: English
External Links: Urban Legends Fansite
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Urban Legends is a gen 182 page anthology fanzine set in the Urban Legends fan-created crossover universe, a universe created by Vathara and Evil Overlady, based off the "Deep Water" universe created by Gryph/Macx which in turn is based off of many media fandoms.

The zine contains thirteen stories by Vathara and Evil Overlady that were originally published on Fanfiction.net.

Part of a Series


From the flyer: '

Find out what's really "Posted on the Monitor" at H.E.A.T. Headquarters. Tremble in "Night of the Tentacle"! See Demona, Cameron Winters, and everyone's favorite evil geneticist Anton Sevarius get theirs in "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong." Includes a sheet of stickers from "Stuck on the Bumper", such as: "Proud parent of an 18-story mutation", "W.W.M.D. What Would Monique Do?" and "Keep honking - I'm calling my monster


  • Urban Legends by Vathara. Alligators in the sewers? They should be so lucky.... (Godzilla: the Series/Gargoyles) (56 pages)
  • Posted on the Monitor by Vathara and Evil Overlady. Little yellow notes. We see them on every episode. Don't you wonder what's on them? (Godzilla: the Series) (1 page)
  • Stuck on the Bumper by Evil Overlady and Vathara. As many vehicles as H.E.A.T. goes through, this had to show up somewhere. Never, ever let Randy near your mode of transportation. (Godzilla: the Series) (1 page)
  • Night of the Tentacle by Vathara. It's a bad night for everyone... especially the Weird Sisters.... (Godzilla: the Series/Gargoyles) (24 pages)
  • Bloodlines by Vathara. Good intentions can have deadly results... Tag for "Night of the Tentacle". (Godzilla: the Series/Gargoyles) (6 pages)
  • The Timmonds Version by Evil Overlady. Nick and Audrey have a little conversation over dinner... Filk. (Godzilla: the Series) (2 pages)
  • Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong - Part I by Vathara. Cameron Winter has a plan. Demona has a plan. Together they just might take over the world... (Godzilla: the Series/Gargoyles/The Real Ghostbusters/Seven Days) (33 pages)
  • Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong - Part II by Vathara (Godzilla: the Series/Gargoyles/The Real Ghostbusters/Seven Days) (29 pages)
  • By Its Cover by Vathara. Elsie's POV, in a bit of "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong" we didn't see. (Godzilla: the Series/Gargoyles/The Real Ghostbusters/Seven Days) (3 pages)
  • Picking Up the Pieces by Vathara. Missing scene to "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong," just before HEAT gets back to Staten Island. (Godzilla: the Series/Gargoyles/The Real Ghostbusters) (7 pages)
  • Playing With Fire by Vathara. Late-night experiments can leave you singed... (Godzilla: the Series/Gargoyles/The Real Ghostbusters) (5 pages)
  • Justifiable by Vathara. Staten Island sanctuary after a cop's worst day. (Godzilla: the Series/Gargoyles) (8 pages)
  • Learning to Fly by Vathara. Follows "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong". (Seven Days) (7 pages)