Welcome to Earth!

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Title: Welcome to Earth!
Publisher: Vathara and Evil Overlady
Medium: online, print
Fandom: multimedia
External Links: Urban Legends Fansite
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Welcome to Earth! is a gen 160 page anthology fanzine set in the Urban legends fan created crossover universe, a universe created by Vathara and Evil Overlady, based off the "Deep Water" universe created by Gryph/Macx. The zine contains stories that were originally published on Fanfiction.net.

From the flyer: What really happens in the wake of an alien invasion? The Hivemind invaded Earth - and met a swarm of unorthodox defenders. Read the consequences in "Welcome To Earth!" A multimedia sci-fi/cartoon crossover universe fanzine, by Vathara! Thirteen interconnected stories of Airwolf, Godzilla: the Series, Gargoyles, and Stargate: SG-1! Companion to "Urban Legends".

It is one of three fanzines in the series: Urban Legends, Bite of the Wolf, and Welcome to Earth!