Unwell (Stargate SG1 vid)

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Title: Unwell
Creator: lea_ysaye
Date: June 2005
Format: WMV
Music: "Unwell" by Matchbox 20
Fandom: Stargate SG1
URL: offline (vid announcement)

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Unwell is a Stargate SG1 fanvid by lea_ysaye. It was reviewed by Diana Williams on January 6, 2006 at the reel vidding community.

Vidder's summary: "Jonas has visions."


  • "Jonas usually gets the fuzzy end of the lollipop - in fanfiction, in vids, even in the show, so it is refreshing to see a vid centered around him. The vidder shows us the fuzzy end, the lack of support and respect, but also shows us a Jonas who keeps doggedly doing his best. It's a good vid overall, and the only problems I had with it were a couple places where the character-focus was unclear, some odd black-cuts, and towards the end when there's an overwhelming number of flash-backs."[1]
  • "Yey!! Jonas whump!! Excellent song for it too. I was always disappointed how few Jonas centric music vids and even fewer good ones. Granted he wasn't on the show very long : ( *misses Jonas* Watching this made me want to watch Prophecy again in all its whumping glory, shall do that later this morning."[2]