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Name: Unovis
Type: fan fiction writer, comm moderator
Fandoms: Andromeda, Highlander, Sherlock (BBC), Firefly, Sons of Anarchy, Peter Pan, The Three Musketeers, The Last Unicorn, Singin' In The Rain
URL: on LJ on DW
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Unovis writes in many fandoms: Highlander, Sherlock (BBC), Firefly, Andromeda, etc.

Unovis: GeoCities site

Her fanfiction site was hosted on GeoCities, and is part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.

In Highlander, on LJ, she was a founding mod of the communities hl_recs, hl_shorts, and hl_remix. From August 2005 through January 2012, she was the founder and sole maintainer of the newsletter Highlander Flash (hl_flash on LJ). She participated in discussions on the founding of Highlander Fiction archive.

In Sherlock BBC, on LJ, she is a founding mod and co-maintainer of the recs community 221b_recs from January 2011.

She was interviewed by nrrrdy_grrrl in August 2012.[1]

Notable Fanworks

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