Unofficial Star Trek Catalog

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Title: Unoffical Star Trek Catalog
Creator: unknown
Date(s): 1970
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Unofficial Star Trek Catalog #3 was "your passport to a galaxy of falsified Star Trek collector's items." Its creator is unknown.

the parody
what it is poking fun at

This fanwork was a direct parody of the Official Star Trek Catalog that was published in 1969 and 1970 by Lincoln Enterprises.

Includes: "a certificate granting full bathroom privileges in the Federation and entitling the bearer to free usage of any Starship head?", a "dismembership card!", "and 6 tissues of "INSIDE STAR TREK's BR" the official fanny head."

Also: "The Official Boozeletter. "INSIDE STAR TREK," the show's OFFICIAL BOOZELETTER, brings you the fermented <outside</s> interviews with the stars, information about the forthgoing episodes behind the scenes, straight from the producers of the show!! As a subscrib[er] you can mail in questions about STAR TREK, we'll drink to that: Guzzle monthly. ... SAMPLE SNORT. 50 [cents]."

Description from a fan in 2015:
This is an original PARODY VERSION of the 1970 STAR TREK ENTERPRISES CATALOG. This 11 page catalog even includes an 8 page section which appears to be printed on one sheet is paper 11 x 34 folded into quarters to have four 8 1/2 x 11 pages printed on both sides (but this is accomplished by taping two 11 x 17 pages together...) Plus it has an additional 4 page insert (one page left blank for some reason, perhaps as an address page). Although the 8 page section is folded to look like an original Lincoln Enterprises catalog, the additional 4 page section is unfolded.... I had never seen one of these before, or even heard of it. It looks like an actual Lincoln Enterprise catalog, until you start reading it....

Not only are the "scripts" parodies of every original Star Trek episode, but they even have 2 1/2 pages of "Season Four" scripts with more parody stories.

Star Trek Enterprises (later Lincoln Enterprises in the 1970s on) was an official clearing house for Star Trek merchandise unavailable anywhere else, all completely authorized. They sold facsimile reprints of scripts from every episode, 35mm film clips from the cutting room floor (these were common in the 1970s and 1980s but almost impossible to find today), and more. But this is a parody of everything they offered for sale, and more! As a bizarre touch the parody catalog included the actual mailing address of Lincoln Enterprises, perhaps to see if anyone tried to order any of these zany items from them.