Twin binding of The Seventeenth Step

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Title: Twin binding of The Seventeenth Step
Creator: Elarra
Date(s): 07 October 2011
Medium: fancraft, fannish bookbinding
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
External Links: Twin binding of The Seventeenth Step (LiveJournal)
Making of the "The Seventeeth Step" twin binding (LiveJournal)
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Twin binding of The Seventeenth Step is a bound book version of Katie Forsythe's Sherlock Holmes fanfic series The Seventeenth Step. It was created by Elarra. The book is about 20 cm high, printed on A4-sized paper. The edges are painted with gold for the first part and silver for the second.

If you haven't read it already, you've missed something. Book canon, wonderful use of language and lovely characterisation. [...] The thing is, since the text was so like the books, I felt that it needed to actually be a book. It would fit so well between covers of leather and marbled paper. My fingers itched for a chance to bind it. So I mustered all the courage I had (I'm kinda shy, and absolutely terrified of talking in English to people on internet, especially people I admire) and asked Katie Forsythe for permission to print her works and bind it into a one-of-a-kind book.[1]
The format is called dos-á-dos, meaning back-to-back in French. I call it tvillingband in Swedish, twin binding. I wanted to make a box to protect the book, and ended up with a box that I’m tempted to make another box to protect… I made the cover papers especially for this project. Since the seventeenth step in the title refers to the 221b Baker Street staircase, I printed the title… well, like a staircase. Since it’s Sherlock Holmes, I just had to make a secret compartment in the spine of the box. There should be a cocaine syringe in there, but there are limits to what I do for my art…[2]


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